Sunday, 30 December 2007

Melodi Grand Prix 2008 Entrants CRASH! Exclusive Interview!

Crash! are an indie/punk/rock band from Ostfold, Halden in Norway. The band comprise of Vegar Neeb - vocals, Remo G. Munkeboe - guitar, Daniel Pedersen - guitar, Frode Neeb - bass, Stig Buckholm - drums. Crash! say of themselves on their official websites: "Crash! Is it punk? Rock? Pop?.................. Who cares? You probably already have your own opinion about the band and their music style if you’re reading this. It’s up to you to put them in a box. It really doesn’t matter as long as you like it and they enjoy writing those catchy songs." You may recognise them from last years Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix when they came a respectable third behind Guri and Jannicke Abrahamsen. The boys actually gained more jury votes than thw winner and runner up but lost in the televoting. Well Crash! are back in MGP 2008 with their new song 'Get Up' writen by Trond Holter, who also composed 'Wannabe'. The Schlager Systems speak exclusively to Guitarist Remo!

SS: Firstly, thanks you for giving us here at The Schlager Systems an interview. Could you describe the Crash! sound to our readers in the UK who may not have heard you before?

Remo: Thx for letting us get the opportunity to introduce us for the UK music scene.Hmm, the Crash! sound… It’s kind of a poppy sound, but still a “dirty” rock sound on the new songs on the album.

SS: How did you guys get together to form the band?

Remo: I called Vegar (the singer) on his cell, and asked if he wanted to join and sing in a band I was forming. I had never talked with Vegar before, but I knew he was an awesome singer. He was thrilled to start a pop/punk/rock band. We formed the band (then called Already Taken). Already Taken changed name to Crash! least year when we decided to compete in melody grand prix.

SS: We loved Wannabe! What was it like performing Wannabe in MGP 2007?

Remo: Thank you. Wannabe is a great pop/rock song, and it gets stuck on your mind as soon as you hear it. That’s a good thing. It’s awesome to perform a song that people love and sing along to. To stand in front of 5.000 people and 1.000.000 watching you on TV is a dream coming trough. And we can’t wait to do it again this year.

SS: Did the exposure in MGP 2007 make you household names in Norway or were you guys famous before?

Remo: We had a good reputation before mgp too. We did a 5 days Scandinavian tour and released a 6 tracks EP called: is this the end? We were more known in other counties then Norway back then, all thanks to myspace… BUT we exposure for real in Norway after we did the melody grand prix. We hope to go all the way to the top this year, and show the whole world what we can do.

SS: Why did you guys decide that you would put another song into MGP 2008? Was it coming so close to winning in 2007?

Remo: No it wasn’t. Trond Holter from WigWam was asked by MGP if he wanted to write another song to the 2008 Mgp. He said yes and wanted Crash! to perform the song. Crash! had been working 1 ½ year with Trond on our new album, so it’s a great time to release the album when MGP is coming up. Mgp 2007 opened up many new opportunities for us in the music industry in Norway, and we couldn’t get any better promotion for free. So we decided to say yes and compete in 2008.

SS: How important is the internet to bands like Crash! in gaining worldwide exposure?

Remo: Crash! started out as a D.I.Y (do it yourself) band, spending all night and day on myspace and other web communities on internet to promote our band. I can’t count how many nights I felt asleep in front of my computer promoting my band, but it’s all worth it.Sites like youtube, myspace, facebook and purevolume + many many many more are a HUGE plus to band who wants to get their name our to people worldwide.

SS: What's the best thing about being in Crash!?

Remo:To play music and see that other people enjoy the songs we write. Tour around with my friends and meet new people in the music industry. We love to play live, and we are definitely a live band. We got a high energy on stage, and we just love to get the people in the crowd smiling. Our mission is to make them forget about their problems (if they have any) and make sure they have a good time at our shows. And Crash! does that. That’s the way I feel.

SS: Is it your mission to bring rock back to Eurovision?

Remo: Ha-ha, I wouldn’t say that. Our song (Get Up) is a good rock song with a power pop chorus that people sing along to at once, just like wannabe. But to bring rock back? I don’t think anyone can bring back rock more then Wig Wam and Lordi did. Am I right?

SS: Are you a fan of eurovision?

Remo: You know what; I have never watched an MGP program in my life before I took a part of it in 2007. But that’s just me. I know Vegar watch it. I was actually going to watch this year, but now we are competing.

SS: Have you ever been over to our native Scotland?

Remo: Nope, we haven’t. Never as a band. I know Frode (bass) have been over there on vacation drinking some beer and whiskey. I hope Crash! get the opportunity to do that in 2008.

SS: Do you have a message for your UK fans?

Remo: We would like to thank everyone who shows a little bit of interest in our band and like our music. Buy our cd`s if you like Crash! and spread the word about Crash! to all of your friends. Please send us messages if you feel like it. We try our best to write back everyone who like out band.Ohhh….. Don’t forget to check out our new single “Get Up” January 7th. It will be out on our myspace page.

Thanks Remo
The Schlager Systems

Friday, 28 December 2007

Thanks Carola!

Our girl Carola sent us a nice picture and message all the way from Sweden! Thank you Carola... we love you too!

Sunday, 16 December 2007


Our dear friend Anna Book has graciously used 5 of The Schlager Systems' pics from Stockholm pride from earlier this year on her myspace site! Anna has also featured the pictures of our Marty and Kethan with Anna alongside the likes of Magnus and Carola! We love you soooo much Anna! Click below to visit Anna's myspace site.

Marie Picasso - Future Schlager Potential!

Well, Idol 2007 Sweden was a 2 horse race between Amanda Jenssen and Marie Picasso. But judging by Amanda's awful rendition of the vinner låten 'This Moment', Marie had it in the bag. Marie is a big boned blonde beauty and we definitely think she has schlager potential. Below is Marie's winning performance.

We will certainly be keeping our eyes on Marie in Melodifestivalen 2009 with a schlager stomper classic!

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Returning from our break soon

The schlager systems have been taking a well earned break but we will be back soon with some schlagertabulous news for you soon. We will be reporting live from melodifestivalen next year and have secured our seats at the final! More schlager news to follow!

Sunday, 4 November 2007

WINTER SCHLAGER PARTY - Captured by a schlagerstorm!

The Schlagerboys schlager-tonsils!

The fabulous hosts!
The party gets going!

Miss Tempest was again on hand with the cambera at the Loom Bar on November 2nd. In her opinion it was much busier than the last time and she managed to take some good photos. Miss Tempest most enjoying Carola, Alcazar and Anna Book on the night and told us the party was electric! In her words "the atmosphere was like an untamed bottle of Champagne, in one word Schlagertastic". Remember to visit the new website for all the latest news on all the future schlager nights
All photos courtesy of Miss Tempest!

Monday, 29 October 2007


Well Schlager fans, it's the turn of Charlotte Perrelli (formerly Nilsson) to recieve the Schlager Systems treatment in an exclusive pre-melodifestivalen interview! Will Charlotte talk of her MF comeback? Why did she change her name? All will be revealed..... well sort of.

SS: Charlotte, may we say a big thank you for agreeing to answer our questions! How and when did you become interested in singing?

CP: Can´t remember exactly, but it was when I was a little girl.

SS: You joined popular Swedish group ‘Wizex’, following in the footsteps of Kikki Danielsson and Lena Pålsson. How did you come to work with the band?

CP: They called me and asked me if I wanted to start working with them. I thought that was a great idea.

SS: You won Melodifestivalen 1999 becoming really famous in Swedein, what was that like?

CP: I started to work with media long before so I knew a little bit about it before I won. But of course it was a strange feeling in the beginning. But also a lot fun!

SS: Then you came to international attention winning Eurovision, was that a life changing event?

CP: In a sort of way, yes! I had the opportunity to work in the whole Europe and that was a lot fun.

SS: How did you cope with fame?

CP: I don´t think about it that much, it´s a part of my daily life.

SS: What are you best memories of winning eurovision?

CP: many! But the moment we realized that Sweden was a really a good memories!

SS: We are lead to believe that Charlotte Perrelli is entering Melodifestivalen in 2008 with a song called ‘Hero’ can you tell us about the song?

CP: Sorry, I can´t talk about that, no paper is signed. I don´t even know if it will be like that.

SS: Linda Bengtzing, Sanna Nielsen, Charlotte Perrelli and maybe even Carola could be in participating Melodifestivlen 2008, will this the ultimate battle of the schlager stars?

CP: Maybe...I don´t know that much about it yet.

SS: Who were your musical influences growing up?

CP: I listened to swedish popular music. But also gospel!! None special..

SS: As an established artist why did you change your name from Nilsson to Perrelli?

CP: I married, and wanted my children to have the same last name as their father AND mother.

SS: You look absolutely fabulous! How do you manage to stay in shape?

CP: I´m a vegetarian since 14 years. I´m running after my kids a lot...a sort of work out.

SS: Name 3 words that describe Charlotte Perrelli?

CP: Positive, disciplined, and generous.

SS: Do you have a message for your UK fans?

CP: Hope to come to UK soon...and I hope I have a new song to present for you then.

SS: What version does Charlotte Perrelli prefer: ‘Take Me To Your Heaven’ or ‘Tusen och en natt’?

CP: Take me to you heaven!!

Tack så mycket Charlotte,
From Marty, Kethan, Shona and Penny
The Vodka Systems

Sunday, 21 October 2007


Yay! Linda Bengtzing will take next year's Melodifestivalen by storm with her track 'Hur svårt kan det vara?' (How Hard Can It Be?) with a track written by Tobias Lundgren, Tim Larsson & Johan Fransson. Here is where the campaign starts to send our Linda to Belgrade! We are sure she will have at least 15 frock changes in the first 2 minutes of the song just before truimphantly jumping through a fireball and then getting covered in glitter dust at the monumental key change! Other notable acts are BWO with 'Lay Your Love on Me', Charlotte Perrelli with 'Hero' and our Sanna Nielsen with 'Empty Room' which disturbingly has been described by as a ballad! We are sure Sanna has more schlager sense than that! Speculation still abounds regards to whether Carola has secured one of the wildcard places, Carola's people are keeping tight lipped. Could this be battle of the schlager queens? How exciting!

Monday, 15 October 2007

Schlager Stars Gear Up For Christmas

As usual our schlager stars are doing the rounds this Christmas.

Julgalan 2007 - A star studded show with 2 legs hits the backwaters of Sweden this Jule! First leg featuring our Linda Bengtzing, Andreas Johnsson, Sonja Alden, Linda Sundblad and Marcus Fagervall and a host of nobodies play in Östersund on the 9th November, November 11 in Falun, November 23 in Linköping, November 24 in Sundsvall . The other leg of the tour features none other than Elin Lanto and Markoolio, Jimmy Jansen and another host of nobodies playing in Umeå on November 23rd and 24th. Tickets as usual from Ticnet.

Our Linda is also playing Lördagsfest Wallmans Schlager in the Casino Cosmopol in Sundsvall on November 9th. The Original ABBA Orchestra featuring our Magnus Carlsson is back for string of Christmas shows, playing December 5th-8th and 12th-15th at Globen Arena Stockholm!

Queen Carola and 'Cabaret' star Miss Liza Minelli star in 'A Classic Christmas Night' on December 7th-8th at Globen Arena, Stockholm and December 11th-12th at the Scandinavium in Gothenburg.

Sweet Sanna Nielsen can be heard worbling some 'Christmas Carols' at the Helsingborg Konserthuset on December 8th and 9th.

Shirley Clamp is going to be very busy too, not only is she headlining her first solo concert tour starting on Nyköping on October 27th and continuing right though to November 30th in Norrköping. Shirley is also taking part in 'The Christmas Show' along side Sarah Dawn Finer and De Liva playing 6 dates in total. The show will roll into Stockholm's Globen Arena on December 19th!

Nanne continues her show 'Vild' with special Christmas shows right up to December 15th at Hamburger Börs, Stockholm and ending on the same night as Lena and Orup's show at the China Teatern, across town!

Our friend Anna Book is playing a series of dates on water and dry land this Christmas time including:

Viking Line: Cinderella Live from 20th-27th October,

Prel. Piteå Live 2007-11-08
Stockholm Svenska FavoriterLive 2007-11-29
Stockholm SundbybergLive 2007-12-01
Sala och Avesta Dubbelgig-Live, 2007-12-07
Kristianstad Live 2007-12-14
Ystad Live 2007-12-15
Hässleholm Live 2007-12-15

Wednesday, 12 September 2007


As you know, we adore Swedish singer Linda Bengtzing! Here is our exclusive interview with the first lady of schlager!

1. When growing up in Sweden, who were your musical influences?

The swedish band Europe and of course ABBA, and I have always loved Elvis. As you see a crazy mix of tunes....

2. What was it like growing up in Gullpång, Västra Götaland?

I think my 15 years in the very small village Gullpång(3500 people lives there) is everything. To join the work at our "farm". We had no animals but grew strawberries, flowers and different vegetables. I had my own horse and loved being outside. A active life made me a very active person today!!

3. You were a child star, releasing records in the late 1980’s, how did you come to have a record contract so early?

I loved to sing. After some years of small cometitions all around Sweden-I won a record contract. And released 3 records... The first single at the same record company that released my first album as grown up.

4. There was a long gap from the late 80’s until your appearance on Fame Factory in Sweden, what did you do in the time between?

To be honest I didnt dare to sing. I was a very sensetive teenager. I didnt want to sing, didnt want anyone to ask me about it! So I started horsebackriding, studied and found out about boys!! And one day I just found out that singing was the best thing in the world!!

5. If you had to choose between Gothenburg and Stockholm, which city would you choose and why?

-Stockholm with no doubt! I fell in love with Stockholm when is was 15! But I like Gothenburg. When I go there I feel like Im on vacation!!

6. What’s your favourite colour?


7. Give us three words that describe Linda Bengtzing?

Energetic, energetic, energetic

8. Tell us what it was like competing in Melodifestivalen in 2005 and 2006?

Its like travelling with a circus! Lots of fun and craziness in different towns during a short period of time! Its like be left in by your parents at "kids activities" at the shopping mall!! You work with only proffessionals and meet only nice people. Well....except for some of the journalists...2006 was of course more fun because I won in Leksand!

9. How did you come to work with Markoolio on värsta schlagern, (the video is really funny too, it looked like a lot of fun)?

The video was a great deal of fun to do! And I do belive that a couple of other swedish artist turned down the offer from Markoolio. Than it was only me left... No kidding..I dont know the details but Im so happy that I had the honor to do it!
10. We love Carola, and Markoolio parodied her in the video, do you know if she found it funny? (we thought it was hilarious)

If you like Carola, or are Carola you have to know that its an honor to be made fun of!! She is our greatest female artist in Sweden! Of course we had to make her ugly and make fun of her... And as I know her I guess she laughed as hell when she saw it. If she saw it....

11. What’s your favourite song from your debut album?

Medan Du sov!

12. We heard a disturbing rumour that if you don’t compete in Melodifestivalen 2008 then your record company won’t let you release your next album, is this true? (we hope not) Although we would love to see you compete again..and win!

Im afraid its true..... And if things go as I like, the song I recorded yesterday(11/9) will take me all the way to Serbien!! Tjo ho!

13. What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Im a big hockey fan. And when my team Färjestad won Swedish mastership last year I sang the national hymn. That was the greatest feeling ever...

14. Have you any plans to record in English?

Yes. I want my next record in 2008, to be in both english and swedish!

15. Have you a message for your fans here in the UK?

Thank you so very much for being there, listening, watching and supporting. Without you I were nothing. My fans are my companions. The people I work with. My friends, my critics, my family almost! Hugs and kisses

Lots of Love
Marty and Kethan

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Fancy Cruising with the Schlager Stars?

Well hop aboard the Viking Line ship the M/S Cinderella in the months leading up to Christmas and you could be in for a surprise as you go up for seconds at the dinner buffet! Here are some of the highlights:
  • Schlager stalwart Lotta Engberg will give you 100% on September 4th
  • Charlotte (Neilson) Perelli will take you to her heaven on September 30th
  • Although not really schlager, Bonnie Tyler is more lost at sea rather than lost in France on October 18th
  • Comedy star Markoolio is on October 20th
  • Dansband superstars Barbados will be singing their 'hits' on November 18th

You can buy your cruise tickets at and we hope you have a very pleasant journey!

BWO - Let It Rain

This is the new video from BWO, we think it's great! So there!

Thursday, 23 August 2007


Carola is once again single. Poor soul. Carola and boyfriend Henrik Junaeus, a church pastor, have decided to end their romance, but remain friends. So the relationship didn't last for 'evighet'!


Our fave schlager star Linda Bengtzing has been crowned Turnedrottning (tour queen) of the year by Swedish news paper Aftonbladet ( The poll was taken by over 5000 readers with Linda romping to victory with over 18% of the total vote! Well done Linda! Below is the complete list of the top touring Swedish female acts as published by Aftonbladet.

Linda Bengtzing 18,1 %
Nanne Grönvall 12,7 %
Maria Andersson (Sahara Hotnights) 9,7 %
Annika Norlin 6,2 %
Sonja Aldén 5,6 %
Maja Ivarsson (The Sounds) 5,5 %
Marit Bergman 3,7 %
Amy Diamond 3,6 %
Sarah Dawn Finer 3,0 %
Laleh 2,6 %
Molly Sandén 2,6 %
Miss Li 2,2 %
Sofia Karlsson 1,8 %
Anna Ternheim 1,8 %
Maia Hirasawa 1,7 %
Jessica Andersson 1,7 %
Marie Lindberg 1,6 %
September 1,5 %
Helena Josefsson 76 1,5 %
Shirley Clamp 1,4 %
Charlotte Perrelli 1,1 %
Lotta Engber 1,0 %
Sanna Nielsen 1,0 %
Kikki Danielsson 0,9 %
Sophie Zelmani 0,9 %
Elin Lanto 0,8 %
Velvet 0,8 %
Lill-Babs 0,8 %
Annika Thörnquist (Da Buzz) 0,6 %
Frida Hyvönen 0,5 %
Veronica Maggio 0,5 %
Mapei 0,5 %
Linda Sundblad 0,5 %
Anna Book 0,4 %
Emilia 0,4 %
Pernilla Andersson 0,3 %
Asha Ali 0,3 %
Sofia Källgren 0,2 %
Emmon 0,2 %
Victoria Bergsman 0,0 %

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

A Few Signed Items From Our Friends!

These guys were kind enough to sign a few items for us at Stockholm Pride..... Anna we love you!!!!! Thank you Anna for making us feel so welcome in Stockholm, see you soon xx

Sunday, 5 August 2007


Well the sun came out for the gay pride parade in the beautiful city of Stockholm. The Vodka Systems enrobed in our Scottish finery walked in the parade proudly carrying our Scottish flags. The atmosphere was fantastic and almost surreal. The sun shone down on us and an estimated 50,000 other marchers and the estimated 500,000 spectators! And you will never guess
what, we heard somone shouting "Martin!" from the sidelines, it was none other than the fabulous ANNA BOOK!! We couldn't believe it! Anna Book cheering us on from the crowd! How exceptionally schlagertastically fabulous! We arrived at the park and relaxed with more than a few pear ciders. Our kilts went down a storm, what fun. On the music front Margaret Berger was pretty good, although she never sang 'robot song', then it was Pay TV's turn - oh my god, they need some good lyrics desparately, good camp dance routines though. Linda Sundblad descided not to give us some hi energy pop music but decided to woo the crows with piano versions of 'oh father' and 'bimbo' which really showcased her voice, and a great voice it is too! Ru Paul was up next and the crowd were told not to take photos at the star's request, how diva-esque. So here's our exclusive picture! Three dress changes and a visable panty line
and far too many songs that nobody knew. The it was the turn of the stars of the night, BANANARAMA!!!!!!! Keren and Sarah and their two dancers worked their way though their biggest hits and managed to whip the sometimes unentusiastic crowd into a frenzy! It was gay fun all the way with our two lushes. Bananarama were almost like a parody of themselves, remember Lananenenoonoo? But all-in-all great entertainment. Special thanks go to Shona and Big Ingrid, Sven and partner, Peter and Ben, Jonathen and everyone else who made our visit so exceptional.

Copyright in all pictures owned by The Schlager Systems

Saturday, 4 August 2007


Well hello from Stockholm! The Vodka Systems are nursing a hangover from a fabulous night out at gay pride Stockholm. The highlight of last night was meeting the wonderful Anna Book! We took a bottle of pink champagne to pride park for Anna but horror of horrors, they wouldn't let us in with it. We explained who we were and we were taken to the VIP entrance
where we met Anna's sister!!! She took the champagne from us to give to our signing hero! We then walked into pride park and guess who was calling to us from the distance? Yes it was Anna herself, we rushed over to her and gave her hugs and kisses and wished her well for her performance. Anna entered the stage at 8.45pm to a delighted audience and sang two songs, her new single 'Dansar Mot Karleken' and the wonderful 'Samba Sambero'. Then a bunch of elegant drag queens entered the stage for a reprise performance of 'Samba'! Anna actually thanked us from the stage as well, which was very touching. We then proceeded to to Anna Book signing event, met her again and chatted for a time, did the photo thing. A great time had by all! Then it was off to the dance stage to catch Barbados performing. I think their show was live on radio. They sang all the hits including their recent hit 'Tid att gå vidare' which went down a storm. We then headed off to meet Barbados at their signing event, we walked in and introduced ourselves to the boys asked them for an autographed picture and blabbed some nonsense like 'we run a blog site, can we have an interview?', the boys looked less than thrilled to see us (don't know why, after all we were wearing kilts and were very drunk)! We actually really like the band's music, however on the night we were disappointed at their apparent disinterest in their fans during their signing. Barbados aside, the atmoshphere on Friday night, as a whole, was one of happiness and unity. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. The Vodka Systems are now getting ready to head of to the pride march waving our Scottish flags.

Love and Hugs from The Vodka Systems xx
Pictures: copyright owned by The Schlager Systems

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Linda B to be Dropped from Record Label Shocker!!!!

Well the gossip (not that we listen to gossip) on the net is that our Linda Bengtzing is being held to ransom by her record company! Apparently, according to sources, if Linda doesn't take part in next year's Melodifestivalen then she wont be afforded the luxury of recording her second album! Heavens-to-betsy this is nothing short of an international scandal! Well, there is already an online petition to sign at campaigning for the the release of a new Linda Album, without Melodifestivalen stings attached! Readers you know you have to sign it! We, however, would be utterly thrilled if our Linda did participate next year, but maybe the thought of competing against Carola again is just too much to bear! Bring on the schlager fight of the century!
We are behind you Linda... can we have an interview? This story came via Linda's fansite on Myspace

Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Now our heroine, Carola has been very quite this year, so we thought we would share her fab interval act during melodifestivalen 2003! She is the best!!!!!!!

Short Video of Carola - Invincible at the Schlager Party, Loom bar London

Sunday, 22 July 2007

A Word From Miss Tempest on G-A-Y

Saturday 21st G.A.Y London Astoria Army of Lovers, Alcazar and BWO

When I first arrived @ 11.30pm two hours before the performance, the atmosphere was electrifying. The DJ's enthralled the audience by playing music & videos of all three acts about to perform live, as well more music from other Swedish acts as well as the more well known dance tracks. As it got closer to performance time the venue filled to capacity. Through out the evening the audience co-operated well with the security. The atmosphere was relaxed, so much so that you could have quite easily felt the that security was unnecessary.
As 1.30am loomed, the lights changed for the performance. First on stage was Army of Lovers, followed in velocity by Alcazar & BWO! The whole preformance was just short of one hour in which the audience could only be describe as hyper charged and electric.

Miss Tempest


Our Miss Tempest was on the guest list for the Army of Lovers-Alcazar-BWO night at G-A-Y in London last night and she managed to take these great photos of the bands. We hope you will enjoy!
The night gets off to a great start at G-A-Y
Army of Lovers were first to perform with their huge hit 'Crucified'

Next up are Alcazar without Magnus or (Mi Amore) Annikafiore ! Hurrah for Andreas and Tess and the new girl Lina Hedlund!

Martin Rolinski from BWO
Martin and Anna Marina Schiptjenko from BWO
Bodies Without Organs were last to perform to the cheering masses!

At the end of the set, a standing ovation for the man behind it all - Mr Alexander Bard!
All photos are copyright of Tempus Fugit Productions.