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Wow, Guri is our hot pick for Euro queen 2007 and guess what? Yes she has given us an exclusive interview prior to her ESC performance! And here it is just for you!

From Marty: Guri, we love your song Ven A Bailar Conmigo, which spectacularly won at Norway's MGP this year. How did you come to work with Thomas G:son?

Guri: The Norwegian broadcaster contacted me, asking if i wanted to sing in the contest, and i said of course! Since i had participated in the Norwegian "Strictly come dancing", we wanted to find a song where we could include dance. The Norwegian Broadcaster contacted Thomas G:son, and when i heard the song i was so excited and said yes immediately!

From Shona: Guri, in Norway you are an accomplished singer and actress, who and what inspired you to entertain?

Guri: I grew up in a very artistic family, and dancing has always been a big part of my life. Old musical movies, like Singing in the Rain has always inspired me.
From the band: What was your big break in Norway?
Guri:I think my name got known in Norway during my role as Eponin in Les Miserable in 1988. After that i have done lots of roles in different shows/musicals/cabarets. Maybe Eurovision is my huge break!!

From Penny: We adored your dress change behind the black feathers at the MGP this year, will you be changing your routine for Helsinki?

Guri: Yes! This time i have three dresses, and the feathers are white!

From Kethan: I would just like to say that It's so great to see someone putting a bit of glamour back into Eurovision, well done you! Do you have any favourites from this years competition?

Guri: There are so many great songs and performances. I like Sweden a lot, but also Belarus, Turkey, Spain, Lithuania, Germany and Island.

From Marty: You definitely have the best legs in the competition, you look very fit and toned, what's your secret? Is dancing a passion of yours?

Guri: Yes, i love dancing, it has been a big part of my life. Thank you for your kind words, i love to dance, luckly it is a fun way to stay in shape.

From Penny: We love A-ha also from Norway and had the pleasure to see them at frognerparken last year, who are your music heroes?

Guri: I love A-ha too, i have great respect for them. They have opened many doors for artists from the north. I was fortuned to meet Carola! She is great. I have also been inspired by Celine Dion, Radka Toneff and Lara Fabian

From Marty: Have you ever been to Scotland? And if so did you like it?

Guri: I have never had the opportunity to visit Scotland, but i would love to. I have heard so many nice things about Scotland.

From the band: Who designed your outfits at MGP, they were fabulous!

Guri: I love the dresses too! The designer is CåreJånni Enderud, he is a great designer and also a drag artist in Norway. He makes fantastic costumes.

From Marty: Are you using the same designer for Eurovision?

Guri: Yes, CåreJånni will be the designer for Eurovision as well, he is lovely!

Thank you very much for letting us interview you, we will be cheering you on and waving our Norway flags!

Much Love from Marty, Kethan, Shona, and Penny

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