Saturday, 4 August 2007


Well hello from Stockholm! The Vodka Systems are nursing a hangover from a fabulous night out at gay pride Stockholm. The highlight of last night was meeting the wonderful Anna Book! We took a bottle of pink champagne to pride park for Anna but horror of horrors, they wouldn't let us in with it. We explained who we were and we were taken to the VIP entrance
where we met Anna's sister!!! She took the champagne from us to give to our signing hero! We then walked into pride park and guess who was calling to us from the distance? Yes it was Anna herself, we rushed over to her and gave her hugs and kisses and wished her well for her performance. Anna entered the stage at 8.45pm to a delighted audience and sang two songs, her new single 'Dansar Mot Karleken' and the wonderful 'Samba Sambero'. Then a bunch of elegant drag queens entered the stage for a reprise performance of 'Samba'! Anna actually thanked us from the stage as well, which was very touching. We then proceeded to to Anna Book signing event, met her again and chatted for a time, did the photo thing. A great time had by all! Then it was off to the dance stage to catch Barbados performing. I think their show was live on radio. They sang all the hits including their recent hit 'Tid att gå vidare' which went down a storm. We then headed off to meet Barbados at their signing event, we walked in and introduced ourselves to the boys asked them for an autographed picture and blabbed some nonsense like 'we run a blog site, can we have an interview?', the boys looked less than thrilled to see us (don't know why, after all we were wearing kilts and were very drunk)! We actually really like the band's music, however on the night we were disappointed at their apparent disinterest in their fans during their signing. Barbados aside, the atmoshphere on Friday night, as a whole, was one of happiness and unity. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. The Vodka Systems are now getting ready to head of to the pride march waving our Scottish flags.

Love and Hugs from The Vodka Systems xx
Pictures: copyright owned by The Schlager Systems

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