Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Sven Garås Speaks to The Schlager Systems Ahead of Friday's MGP Semi!

Sven Garås is a Norwegian singer/songwriter and producer and he is one of the entrants for this Fridays MGP semi finals in Kongsvinger, Norway with the song 'I'm In Love'. He takes time out of rehearsals to talk to the Schlager Systems! (SS - Schlager Systems, SG - Sven Garås)

Hi Sven, thanks for answering some of our questions. How did you become involved in this years MGP?

SG - Universal Records had heard a few of my own songs and asked me if I was interested in performing “I`m in Love”.

SS - Were you happy to sing a song that someone else has written when you are an accoplished writer yourself?

SG - Being used to solely performing my own songs, I see it as an interesting challenge to perform someone else`s material.

SS - Why do you choose to sing in English instead of Norwegian?

SG - My ambition is to work with artists and producers within the international pop genre. I would not exclude the option of singing in Norwegian one day down the road. But right now I choose to write and sing in English to possibly also reach an audience outside of Norway.

SS - Who else in MGP this year do you admire?

SG - I really admire the hard work of the crew and all the people making this amazing event possible. Fully devoted, professional and very supportive to all of us in front of the cameras.

SS - What would it mean to you to represent Norway in Eurovision?

SG - If I had the honor to represent Norway it would make me really proud.

SS - Do you think that the internet is vital for young artists these days?

SG - These days new and exciting business opportunities arise for those who are willing to take a risk. The music industry is in a rapid structural change and new technology gives possibilities of exposure and availability in a way no one could imagine ten years ago. "Being a part of this revolution is so thrilling. I currently work on projects with people from other countries where our communication is based around the Internet. I think the most important ability of our age is to learn fast and move fast. The potential of every project is infinite. Looking at the way the business moves these days, everything is possible. I guess the only challenge is whether or not one is exposed, seen and heard within the vast stream of information and competition.

SS - Are you comfortable in both roles as producer and performer?

SG - I love to make music. I love to create. I love to use the language of music to portray my life. To me it all comes from the same source, and my approach when encountering a project never differs. I have to live the music whether I am laying down tracks with DJs, sitting in my own apartment writing songs, playing the guitar, or making sound design for an art director. I love the versatility in working with music, and I am thankful to wake up every day knowing that I get to work with what I enjoy the most.
SS - Do you have a message for your fans here in the UK?
SG - Like one of my favourite songs from my up-coming album, “Choose to live!”

;) www.myspace.com/svengmusic

Thanks and good luck for Friday Sven!

Watch Sven this Friday at http://www.nrk.no/melodigrandprix/

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