Thursday, 31 May 2007


Well this is our second part of our exclusive interview with Sweden's little miss dynamite! Enjoy!

M Our personal fave song from your successful new album is ‘Dansar Mot Kärleken’ which we think is fantastic!

A Yes I Know..

M What’s your personal favourite track from the album?

A Yes that’s the one! (laughs) You know why it’s a personal favourite? Well from the beginning it was called Sirocco and you know the lyric wasn’t bad at all but it didn’t say anything, it didn’t mean anything so I actually called the songwriter and said “I think the lyrics are quite nice but it’s not quite me, when I listen to the music I feel that it’s a love song” and I said “can I tell you something about my love for my husband” and I just told her about my feelings towards my husband and that I’ve been hurt before and it takes time to heal but he was the one who gave me the courage to love again, and now I am dancing towards love (song title in English!!) and I said to her (the songwriter) that the dancing means a lot to me as well! She said to me “well ok give me a few days and I will call you back” and she called me the next day and said “have you checked you email?”, I said “no” and she told me that she had sent me a lyric and that she hoped that I would like it. Well I just fell in love with it because that song is me, that’s my life and even though I didn’t write the words myself, she actually listened to me. You know we actually sent that one in to Melodifestivalen and they didn’t take it on. I think they just wanted me to be the perky Swedish schlager girl!

M And we are so glad that you are our perky Swedish schlager girl!

A Aw.. thank you!

M Anna, did you watch ESC this year, if so did you have any favourite to win?

A Yes well.. I think that this year was very, very special in so many ways and of course I really like Spain (laughs) because Spain is special to me and also Thomas (G:son) wrote the song too. Maybe the group (D’Nash) were a bit flat but you know it’s a good song! I also liked Russia.

M Once we found out you weren’t going to Helsinki we decided to support Norway and Guri Schanke with ‘Ven A Bailar Conmigo’!

A YES of course… I think that she should have definitely have made it to the final!

M Anna, what has been the highlight of you career so far?

A Oh my god I think my whole career has been amazing to me! I have so many things in my life that some of my colleagues don’t, I am still married to the same man and I have three fantastic children, I have a beautiful house in Sweden and a beautiful house in Spain and I have my health and everything. Maybe I don’t have a hundred gold records yet on my wall..

M Not yet but you will have!

A Maybe..maybe..maybe, you never know but I believe in hard work and I believe in taking your time as well, I am in no hurry, I just want to be honest in everything I do and as for money that’as something that you need.. something bad that you need (giggles). Never just accept a job just because of the money, a person said to me “Anna think of the T.O.M”, think of the money and I said yes of course you can T.O.M. but that’s not everything. And I have to say I have had a lot of highlights in my career, but the first highlight was when I was the youngest person ever in Sweden to compete in Melodifestivalen with ‘ABC’ which is a funny, simple and perky song. I did Melodifestivalen again in ’87 and it wasn’t a strong performance so that was a huge failure but you know you have to have your downs to appreciate your ups’, if you know what I mean? Probably though the best thing ever up to now was my appearance in ‘lets dance’ because the response I got from the Swedish people was amazing!

M So as you are a superstar in Sweden, if you could duet with anyone in the world who would it be?

A OH MY GOD! If I could do it with anyone in the world, my god! I wanna duet with so many people! Do I have to choose just one?

M We would love to see you sing with martin Stenmarck!

A I would love to sing with Martin Stenmarck but I don’t think he would want to sing with me.

M He so would, he would or should love to sing with you!

A well maybe next time I see him I should flirt a little with him and say “Martin…would you like to sing a love song with me?” (laughs) I actually did a show with His girlfriend Hanna, so maybe I should ask her if I could sing with him? (laughs again). I would also love to sing with Ricky Martin too… oh my God, you know I got to meet him when he played here in Sweden and he kissed me! You all I could think of to say to him was “welcome to Sweden”! (laughs)

M Anna, any plans to record in English?

A Yes, Absolutely. Because several of my songs on the new album like ‘Kom’ and ‘Bara For En Dag’ already have strong lyrics in English. Not only do I want to record them in English but in Spanish too

M Well Anna, we are privileged and proud to have spoken to you and can’t wait to see you in Stockholm Pride this year with a bottle of Pink Champagne for you!

A Thank you!
M Tack så mycket, du är mycket mycket bra!

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Hi Vodka Systems!!

We’re counting down the top 5 Maltese Eurovision songs on the Schlagerblog in an effort to convince Malta that they mustn’t pull out of Eurovision!! We’re calling it our “Malta – don’t do it!” campaign! We were very worried by the poll that said a majority of Maltese wanted to pull out!!

Hopefully you’ll join us in trying to convince Malta that they should stay in Eurovision and carry on bringing us fabulous pop music!!

The Schlagerboys xx

ps. See you at Stockholm Pride!