Monday, 29 October 2007


Well Schlager fans, it's the turn of Charlotte Perrelli (formerly Nilsson) to recieve the Schlager Systems treatment in an exclusive pre-melodifestivalen interview! Will Charlotte talk of her MF comeback? Why did she change her name? All will be revealed..... well sort of.

SS: Charlotte, may we say a big thank you for agreeing to answer our questions! How and when did you become interested in singing?

CP: Can´t remember exactly, but it was when I was a little girl.

SS: You joined popular Swedish group ‘Wizex’, following in the footsteps of Kikki Danielsson and Lena Pålsson. How did you come to work with the band?

CP: They called me and asked me if I wanted to start working with them. I thought that was a great idea.

SS: You won Melodifestivalen 1999 becoming really famous in Swedein, what was that like?

CP: I started to work with media long before so I knew a little bit about it before I won. But of course it was a strange feeling in the beginning. But also a lot fun!

SS: Then you came to international attention winning Eurovision, was that a life changing event?

CP: In a sort of way, yes! I had the opportunity to work in the whole Europe and that was a lot fun.

SS: How did you cope with fame?

CP: I don´t think about it that much, it´s a part of my daily life.

SS: What are you best memories of winning eurovision?

CP: many! But the moment we realized that Sweden was a really a good memories!

SS: We are lead to believe that Charlotte Perrelli is entering Melodifestivalen in 2008 with a song called ‘Hero’ can you tell us about the song?

CP: Sorry, I can´t talk about that, no paper is signed. I don´t even know if it will be like that.

SS: Linda Bengtzing, Sanna Nielsen, Charlotte Perrelli and maybe even Carola could be in participating Melodifestivlen 2008, will this the ultimate battle of the schlager stars?

CP: Maybe...I don´t know that much about it yet.

SS: Who were your musical influences growing up?

CP: I listened to swedish popular music. But also gospel!! None special..

SS: As an established artist why did you change your name from Nilsson to Perrelli?

CP: I married, and wanted my children to have the same last name as their father AND mother.

SS: You look absolutely fabulous! How do you manage to stay in shape?

CP: I´m a vegetarian since 14 years. I´m running after my kids a lot...a sort of work out.

SS: Name 3 words that describe Charlotte Perrelli?

CP: Positive, disciplined, and generous.

SS: Do you have a message for your UK fans?

CP: Hope to come to UK soon...and I hope I have a new song to present for you then.

SS: What version does Charlotte Perrelli prefer: ‘Take Me To Your Heaven’ or ‘Tusen och en natt’?

CP: Take me to you heaven!!

Tack så mycket Charlotte,
From Marty, Kethan, Shona and Penny
The Vodka Systems

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