Wednesday, 12 September 2007


As you know, we adore Swedish singer Linda Bengtzing! Here is our exclusive interview with the first lady of schlager!

1. When growing up in Sweden, who were your musical influences?

The swedish band Europe and of course ABBA, and I have always loved Elvis. As you see a crazy mix of tunes....

2. What was it like growing up in Gullpång, Västra Götaland?

I think my 15 years in the very small village Gullpång(3500 people lives there) is everything. To join the work at our "farm". We had no animals but grew strawberries, flowers and different vegetables. I had my own horse and loved being outside. A active life made me a very active person today!!

3. You were a child star, releasing records in the late 1980’s, how did you come to have a record contract so early?

I loved to sing. After some years of small cometitions all around Sweden-I won a record contract. And released 3 records... The first single at the same record company that released my first album as grown up.

4. There was a long gap from the late 80’s until your appearance on Fame Factory in Sweden, what did you do in the time between?

To be honest I didnt dare to sing. I was a very sensetive teenager. I didnt want to sing, didnt want anyone to ask me about it! So I started horsebackriding, studied and found out about boys!! And one day I just found out that singing was the best thing in the world!!

5. If you had to choose between Gothenburg and Stockholm, which city would you choose and why?

-Stockholm with no doubt! I fell in love with Stockholm when is was 15! But I like Gothenburg. When I go there I feel like Im on vacation!!

6. What’s your favourite colour?


7. Give us three words that describe Linda Bengtzing?

Energetic, energetic, energetic

8. Tell us what it was like competing in Melodifestivalen in 2005 and 2006?

Its like travelling with a circus! Lots of fun and craziness in different towns during a short period of time! Its like be left in by your parents at "kids activities" at the shopping mall!! You work with only proffessionals and meet only nice people. Well....except for some of the journalists...2006 was of course more fun because I won in Leksand!

9. How did you come to work with Markoolio on värsta schlagern, (the video is really funny too, it looked like a lot of fun)?

The video was a great deal of fun to do! And I do belive that a couple of other swedish artist turned down the offer from Markoolio. Than it was only me left... No kidding..I dont know the details but Im so happy that I had the honor to do it!
10. We love Carola, and Markoolio parodied her in the video, do you know if she found it funny? (we thought it was hilarious)

If you like Carola, or are Carola you have to know that its an honor to be made fun of!! She is our greatest female artist in Sweden! Of course we had to make her ugly and make fun of her... And as I know her I guess she laughed as hell when she saw it. If she saw it....

11. What’s your favourite song from your debut album?

Medan Du sov!

12. We heard a disturbing rumour that if you don’t compete in Melodifestivalen 2008 then your record company won’t let you release your next album, is this true? (we hope not) Although we would love to see you compete again..and win!

Im afraid its true..... And if things go as I like, the song I recorded yesterday(11/9) will take me all the way to Serbien!! Tjo ho!

13. What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Im a big hockey fan. And when my team Färjestad won Swedish mastership last year I sang the national hymn. That was the greatest feeling ever...

14. Have you any plans to record in English?

Yes. I want my next record in 2008, to be in both english and swedish!

15. Have you a message for your fans here in the UK?

Thank you so very much for being there, listening, watching and supporting. Without you I were nothing. My fans are my companions. The people I work with. My friends, my critics, my family almost! Hugs and kisses

Lots of Love
Marty and Kethan


aaarrgh said...

How much do I love Linda? "Energetic" is right! Every one of her songs has such a great, infectious energy and good spirit. I can't wait to see her at the Globen finalen next spring, and have no doubts she makes it there!

Jake said...

Varsta Schlagern is my song of the year.