Sunday, 24 February 2008

Alcazar Keep On Rockin'

The Schlager Systems are getting excited about travelling to Stockholm now that BWO are through, one disappointment this year is the there is no 'Alcazar', never mind they may comeback to Melodifestivalen next year... We do however like Alcazar's new offereing to the Swedish public called 'We Keep On Rockin'!!!!!!!

Yay! The Mighty BWO are through!

BWO have made it though to Melodifestivalen final to be held at Globen on march 15th, hooray! Caracola to Andra Chansen, what was that all about? They clearly should have gone direkt till finale but instead those Krazy Swedes chose Frida featuring Headline with the awful 'Upp O Hoppa'. Listen Sweden, there is only one schlager queen called 'Frida' and that isn't her so stop this rubbish now!

Saturday, 16 February 2008


Did anyone see Carola's face when Kristian Luuk announced at the second Melodifestivalen semi in Västerås that Johnson and Häggkvist were going to the second chance round? Someone thought it was in the bag so to speak, that shocked-the-oh-so-grateful look was priceless! Well done Sanna with her 'power ballad' and well done Rongedal with their suitably camp Mika/Scissor Sisters sound-a-likey song for making it though to the final! I am sure that Johnson and Häggkvist will make it though.. eventually!

Monday, 4 February 2008

Yet Another Schlager Success!!

Well done Sara and barry for another Schlager success! Well Madame Tempest had a fab time taking photos of all the revelers at the LOOM bar. You can see her photo's to the sounds of 'Drama Queen' at