Sunday, 22 July 2007

A Word From Miss Tempest on G-A-Y

Saturday 21st G.A.Y London Astoria Army of Lovers, Alcazar and BWO

When I first arrived @ 11.30pm two hours before the performance, the atmosphere was electrifying. The DJ's enthralled the audience by playing music & videos of all three acts about to perform live, as well more music from other Swedish acts as well as the more well known dance tracks. As it got closer to performance time the venue filled to capacity. Through out the evening the audience co-operated well with the security. The atmosphere was relaxed, so much so that you could have quite easily felt the that security was unnecessary.
As 1.30am loomed, the lights changed for the performance. First on stage was Army of Lovers, followed in velocity by Alcazar & BWO! The whole preformance was just short of one hour in which the audience could only be describe as hyper charged and electric.

Miss Tempest


Matt said...

Thank you Miss Tempest for the business card for this website & your own personnel website both websites are unique it was great to meet you great review & photo's of the night hope you come to Brighton as the Schlager night there will be fantastic.

Veda Veron said...

Hi to you all must congratulate you on your website fabulous.stunning pictures etc
Just wanted to check on sweetie Miss Tempus she looked as if she was going to pass out on Saturday she continued in a very professional manner even though she was having difficulty her PR skills for this website fabulous.
just located the card she gave me.
Veda Veron
Drag Queen

Ollie said...

Hey decided to look you up after finding your card in my wallet what a fantastic night Saturday was Miss Tempus you were fantastic helping my friends and I taking our photos, your photos of the night are brilliant great review hope to see you in Brighton it will be a blast, all of us hope you are much better it was clear you were unwell but like a true professional you continued .
This website I will revisit bookmarked it love the overall style.
Miss Tempest are you by any chance the public relations and promoter of this website as well as photographer your bloody marvellous I would love to meet the rest of the gang they sound fabulous,maybe Brighton hope to see you then.

Ollie (the one with no clothes on you know what I mean)

Bubbles said...

Hi this is rather cheeky can we book Miss Tempus for a night to photograh & promote us we will pay her as she must be very expensive but well worth it she is Ace .
Love the pictures great website.
How do we contact her?

Ronnie said...

Great photos,Great review thanks for the link to the website Miss Tempus

Trevor&Aidan said...

Hi Miss Tempus we promised you when we returned to New Zealand we would check out the website , your photos are fantastic it was a great night thank you for the hospitaity,