Monday, 15 October 2007

Schlager Stars Gear Up For Christmas

As usual our schlager stars are doing the rounds this Christmas.

Julgalan 2007 - A star studded show with 2 legs hits the backwaters of Sweden this Jule! First leg featuring our Linda Bengtzing, Andreas Johnsson, Sonja Alden, Linda Sundblad and Marcus Fagervall and a host of nobodies play in Östersund on the 9th November, November 11 in Falun, November 23 in Linköping, November 24 in Sundsvall . The other leg of the tour features none other than Elin Lanto and Markoolio, Jimmy Jansen and another host of nobodies playing in Umeå on November 23rd and 24th. Tickets as usual from Ticnet.

Our Linda is also playing Lördagsfest Wallmans Schlager in the Casino Cosmopol in Sundsvall on November 9th. The Original ABBA Orchestra featuring our Magnus Carlsson is back for string of Christmas shows, playing December 5th-8th and 12th-15th at Globen Arena Stockholm!

Queen Carola and 'Cabaret' star Miss Liza Minelli star in 'A Classic Christmas Night' on December 7th-8th at Globen Arena, Stockholm and December 11th-12th at the Scandinavium in Gothenburg.

Sweet Sanna Nielsen can be heard worbling some 'Christmas Carols' at the Helsingborg Konserthuset on December 8th and 9th.

Shirley Clamp is going to be very busy too, not only is she headlining her first solo concert tour starting on Nyköping on October 27th and continuing right though to November 30th in Norrköping. Shirley is also taking part in 'The Christmas Show' along side Sarah Dawn Finer and De Liva playing 6 dates in total. The show will roll into Stockholm's Globen Arena on December 19th!

Nanne continues her show 'Vild' with special Christmas shows right up to December 15th at Hamburger Börs, Stockholm and ending on the same night as Lena and Orup's show at the China Teatern, across town!

Our friend Anna Book is playing a series of dates on water and dry land this Christmas time including:

Viking Line: Cinderella Live from 20th-27th October,

Prel. Piteå Live 2007-11-08
Stockholm Svenska FavoriterLive 2007-11-29
Stockholm SundbybergLive 2007-12-01
Sala och Avesta Dubbelgig-Live, 2007-12-07
Kristianstad Live 2007-12-14
Ystad Live 2007-12-15
Hässleholm Live 2007-12-15

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Schlagerboys said...

How fab and schlagertastic it must be to have Christmas in Sweden!