Thursday, 17 January 2008


After bringing you Alexander Bard a few days ago, the Schlager Systems now bring you BWO's resident sexy young thing Martin Rolinski! Melodifestivalen fever certainly seems to be taking hold of the schlager universe but Martin remains calm and condifent that the best song will make it to Belgrade!

SS - Are you excited to be performing in Melodifestivalen this year?

MR - Definitely!!
SS - Can you tell us about 'Lay Your Love on Me'? we can't wait to hear it?
MR -It's an energetic, orgasmic, seductive pop song!

SS - What will your outfits be like? Glittery and fabulous?

MR - A little bit of both but manly outrageous. Our stylist Sally O´sullivan is picking out outfits that definitely are going to stand out.

SS - BWO are widely tipped to win this year, does that put more pressure on you?

photo: Madam Tempest
MR - No, it only makes us even more excited and determined to give the best performance ever. We know that the song's already a winner!

SS - who do you think is your biggest threat in this years' Melodifestivalen?

MR - Difficult to say, I hope its artists with the best songs, after all this is a song contest not a popularity contest.

SS - Why did you as a band decide to compete again? Was it to kick 'wildcard' Carola's ass this time?

MR - Carola isn't even on BWO's radar to be quite honest:)

SS - If BWO wins MF08 what will they bring to Eurovision?

MR -An amazing song, an excellent performance and bundle of flair. But mostly a strong contender for the whole shabang!
SS - Do you have a message for your UK fans?

MR - I loved performing in London in July and hope to soon be performing in the home of pop music soon!

Good luck Martin, you go pull Carola's hair and kick Andreas' ass!

Martin and Kethan
The Schlager Systems

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