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BWO are in it to win it this year, after being beaten in the finals of Melodifestivalen by the divine intervention that is Carola. Alexander Bard, the musical genius behind Army of Lovers, Alcazar and his most current creation Bodies Without Organs. Martin and Kethan ask the questions... and Alexander fights back the flu to answer them!

SS - Are you excited about performing in MF this year?

AB -Yes!

SS - Can you tell about 'Lay Your Love on Me'?

AB -"Lay Your Love On Me" is a dramatic up-tempo electronic dance-pop track, a bit reminiscent of Alcazar and Madonna at their best. It is probably the most dance-oriented pop single so far from BWO.

SS - Your song was co-written by you and long time co-writer/producerAnders Hansson with Bobby Ljunggren and Henrik Wikström can you tell us how this writing parnership came about?
AB - Bobby called me repeatedly last summer and told me he really wanted to work with BWO towards the Eurovision contest. We finally gave in and co-wrote this one track with him and Henrik which we were really pleased with. However, since there are almost 3,000 songs competing for the 28 regular positions in Melodifestivalen, we never thought the track would make it to the actual contest. I mean, we didn't post 50 songs, we only posted this one BWO song! So it was like posting a needle in a haystack. But apparently "Lay Your Love On Me" went down a storm and was an instant favorite with the jury, and obviously made it to the final 28. The jury really found the needle in the haystack this time!

SS - Bobby and Henrik co-wrote 'Evighet' with Carola and Thomas G:son, do you hope to emulate that winning formula for BWO?

AB -I actually think "Lay Your Love On Me" is a much better song than "Evighet". The track is at least bound to become a bigger and more international hit. That's what really counts.

SS - Can you give any details away of BWO's melodifestivalen performance?

AB -No, not really, It's too early to tell. But let's just say it will be a very extravagant and energetic performance. But I guess that's what people have come to expect from BWO anyway.

SS - Who do you think are BWO's biggest rivals in this years Melodifestivalen?

AB -I hope the artists with the best songs. Possibly attention-seekers like Carola and Charlotte. Even if we personally like Velvet and Patrik Isaksson a lot more.

SS - Not only are you a pop Svengali, you are also a renowned author and lecturer, how do you find time for all the different facets of Alexander Bard?

AB - I have no kids. Kids take lots of time. If you have no kids, you can easily run two careers simultaneously. All three of us in BWO do.
SS - Apart from working with BWO, does Alexander Bard have any other projects for 2008?

AB - A new book and the previous books constantly being released and promoted in new translations. The rest of my time I will devote 100% for BWO.

SS - After reworking an unreleased ABBA song 'Funky Feet' with Alcazar, is 'Lay Your Love on Me' a nod to ABBA or just coincidence?

AB - Just co-incidence. The same way the title of our song co-incidentally reminds people of Thompson Twins' classic pop track "Lay Your Hands On Me". Pop repeats itself, you know. ;-) Jokes aside, "Lay Your Love On Me" is a fantastic pop song in its own right and doesn't sound like any of the other songs mentioned.

SS- Will BWO be playing Europride in Stockholm this year?

AB -Yes, of course,. BWO has written and will perform the theme song for Europride 2008. The track is likely to be the follow-up single to "Lay Your Love On Me" in the summer. Both tracks will be included on the forthcoming BWO compilation album.

SS- Crucified was released in the UK around the time I (Martin) came 'out' and was very important to me, having something to relate to as a young gay man. Your music is still popular with the gay audience, is this important to you?

AB - Yes, of course it is. Gay people are the best and most devoted pop fans. And my career has always been about writing and performing the very best pop songs possible. I love pop music. BWO is all about the love of pure and great pop! And hey, I'm also the gay third of BWO!!!

SS -Do you have any words for your fans in the UK?

AB -Whenever the rest of the world forgets about the greatness of pop music, the UK is always the harbor where pop resides awaiting its next period of world dominance. This is a tradition that should make all UK pop fans mighty proud of themselves. And may things stay that way, at least during my lifetime. So the UK love for Scandinavian pop is reciprocal. We love you guys just as much!

Many thanks, good luck and see you at Globen!
Martin and Kethan xx

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