Thursday, 31 May 2007


Well this is our second part of our exclusive interview with Sweden's little miss dynamite! Enjoy!

M Our personal fave song from your successful new album is ‘Dansar Mot Kärleken’ which we think is fantastic!

A Yes I Know..

M What’s your personal favourite track from the album?

A Yes that’s the one! (laughs) You know why it’s a personal favourite? Well from the beginning it was called Sirocco and you know the lyric wasn’t bad at all but it didn’t say anything, it didn’t mean anything so I actually called the songwriter and said “I think the lyrics are quite nice but it’s not quite me, when I listen to the music I feel that it’s a love song” and I said “can I tell you something about my love for my husband” and I just told her about my feelings towards my husband and that I’ve been hurt before and it takes time to heal but he was the one who gave me the courage to love again, and now I am dancing towards love (song title in English!!) and I said to her (the songwriter) that the dancing means a lot to me as well! She said to me “well ok give me a few days and I will call you back” and she called me the next day and said “have you checked you email?”, I said “no” and she told me that she had sent me a lyric and that she hoped that I would like it. Well I just fell in love with it because that song is me, that’s my life and even though I didn’t write the words myself, she actually listened to me. You know we actually sent that one in to Melodifestivalen and they didn’t take it on. I think they just wanted me to be the perky Swedish schlager girl!

M And we are so glad that you are our perky Swedish schlager girl!

A Aw.. thank you!

M Anna, did you watch ESC this year, if so did you have any favourite to win?

A Yes well.. I think that this year was very, very special in so many ways and of course I really like Spain (laughs) because Spain is special to me and also Thomas (G:son) wrote the song too. Maybe the group (D’Nash) were a bit flat but you know it’s a good song! I also liked Russia.

M Once we found out you weren’t going to Helsinki we decided to support Norway and Guri Schanke with ‘Ven A Bailar Conmigo’!

A YES of course… I think that she should have definitely have made it to the final!

M Anna, what has been the highlight of you career so far?

A Oh my god I think my whole career has been amazing to me! I have so many things in my life that some of my colleagues don’t, I am still married to the same man and I have three fantastic children, I have a beautiful house in Sweden and a beautiful house in Spain and I have my health and everything. Maybe I don’t have a hundred gold records yet on my wall..

M Not yet but you will have!

A Maybe..maybe..maybe, you never know but I believe in hard work and I believe in taking your time as well, I am in no hurry, I just want to be honest in everything I do and as for money that’as something that you need.. something bad that you need (giggles). Never just accept a job just because of the money, a person said to me “Anna think of the T.O.M”, think of the money and I said yes of course you can T.O.M. but that’s not everything. And I have to say I have had a lot of highlights in my career, but the first highlight was when I was the youngest person ever in Sweden to compete in Melodifestivalen with ‘ABC’ which is a funny, simple and perky song. I did Melodifestivalen again in ’87 and it wasn’t a strong performance so that was a huge failure but you know you have to have your downs to appreciate your ups’, if you know what I mean? Probably though the best thing ever up to now was my appearance in ‘lets dance’ because the response I got from the Swedish people was amazing!

M So as you are a superstar in Sweden, if you could duet with anyone in the world who would it be?

A OH MY GOD! If I could do it with anyone in the world, my god! I wanna duet with so many people! Do I have to choose just one?

M We would love to see you sing with martin Stenmarck!

A I would love to sing with Martin Stenmarck but I don’t think he would want to sing with me.

M He so would, he would or should love to sing with you!

A well maybe next time I see him I should flirt a little with him and say “Martin…would you like to sing a love song with me?” (laughs) I actually did a show with His girlfriend Hanna, so maybe I should ask her if I could sing with him? (laughs again). I would also love to sing with Ricky Martin too… oh my God, you know I got to meet him when he played here in Sweden and he kissed me! You all I could think of to say to him was “welcome to Sweden”! (laughs)

M Anna, any plans to record in English?

A Yes, Absolutely. Because several of my songs on the new album like ‘Kom’ and ‘Bara For En Dag’ already have strong lyrics in English. Not only do I want to record them in English but in Spanish too

M Well Anna, we are privileged and proud to have spoken to you and can’t wait to see you in Stockholm Pride this year with a bottle of Pink Champagne for you!

A Thank you!
M Tack så mycket, du är mycket mycket bra!

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Anna Book Interview Part two up on Thursday!

Don't miss part 2 of our exclusive interview with the wonderful Anna Book right here on the Schlager Systems site on Thursday!


Well THE VODKA SYSTEMS will be visiting Stockholm pride this year and hopefully sharing a bottle of pink champagne with Anna Book who will be performing! Of the other acts booked this year we are really looking forward to seeing Margaret Berger from Norway!

Wikipedia say of Margaret- "Margaret Berger (born October 11, 1985 in Trondheim Norway), is a Norwegian singer who placed second on the second season of Norwegian Idol. She currently resides in Oslo and is living together with her fiancé; "Norwegian Idol" camera man Odd Sprakehaug.

Margaret received Wild Card into the Finals from Anneli Drecker after not receiving a place in the final during the semifinals. However, she quickly became one of the most popular singers in the series and went all the way to the final two alongside eventual winner Kjartan Salvesen.

After Idol, she released her first album Chameleon which was successful on the Norwegian Charts, reaching the Number 4 position. She won "Spellemannsprisen" (Norwegian equivalent to a Grammy) for best music video (for "Lifetime guarantee") in 2005. In 2006, she released her second Album, Pretty Scary Silver Fairy."

Well we might just have to share a bottle of the ol' pink champagne with her too!

Monday, 28 May 2007


Oh My God! Schlager diva ANNA BOOK has very graciously given us, The Vodka Systems, an Interview! Marty took the reigns and spoke to our dancing schlager singing friend! Anna is by far the most friendly star we have ever spoken to!

M = Marty Musika
A= Anna Book

M- Who were your influences growing up?

A- Oh my god I have so many of them, for example I love Barbara Streisand. Some of my friends only liked Baccara and ABBA, and of course I liked Baccara and Abba too but I also loved Billie Holliday, Jennifer Holliday, Diana Ross etc.. I think I was a bit more mature because I always had a huge interest in music in general!

M- Who were you Swedish influences?

A- Well.. Carola was a great inspiration to me. She was 16 when she got her big break and I was only 14 when I got mine. But when I saw her for the first time I was only 12 years old, of course she was an inspiration to me! I still think that Carola is still very, very good at what she is doing. She is very charismatic!

M- Are you and Carola friends?

A- Well we don’t socialise so much privately, but we have some mutual friends and we have been meeting each other at some parties and stuff and she has always been very kind and helpful. She is a great inspiration still.

M- Where you disappointed to lose out to the Ark at this year’s Melodifestivalen?

A- I couldn’t really say that I was disappointed to lose out against 'The Ark', because 'The Ark' have something that I don’t and I think that I have something that they don’t!

M- Yeah we think that too Anna..

A- (laughs) I mean we are all unique and of course you can find similarities in different groups or different solo artists. I would have been very proud to have been representing my own country in the ESC!

M- We couldn’t unfortunately attend Melodifestivalen finals this year but we did watch the live link on the internet and we were cheering you to win .. we were shouting Anna Book has to win at the screen!

A- (laughing) Thank you!

M- You displayed your fabulous dancing skills at this year's Melodifestivalen...

A- I didn’t dance all that much in melodifestivalen!

M- .... you only have 3 minutes!

A- That’s true, you only have three minutes.. but of course I was very sick at the final..

M- Oh...really?

A- Yeah, my throat was very sore and I had to see the doctor in the morning and he said to me “ok you have to be quiet the whole day now”, because I could hardly speak. Due to the circumstances I was just very pleased to have been in the final..

M- We thought you were fabulous at Globen!

A- Aw... thank you so much, that makes me happy to hear!

M- Of course the song writer for your song was Thomas G:son, how come you came to work with the GOD OF SCHLAGER?

A- Well you see I am a very strong and self secure person, so three years ago I just walked up to him as said “hi Thomas my name is Anna Book”, and he said “I know who you are.” He started to laugh at me and I said, “so listen so would you like to write me a nice song"? at this he laughed like a mad man, and I said “was that funny?" He said “well.. I really appreciate you coming up to me because most people just send their record companies to call me and, you know, try to bribe me with money! ..So yes I will write you a very, very nice song , actually, I will write you more than one song!" So we just stayed in touch and talked to each other, he gave me a few song and we both didn’t feel like they were the right songs for me, so we took a break for a year and I did a show called ‘Let’s Dance’ here in Sweden –

M- Yes congratulations for coming runner up!

A- Yes… thank you (laughs) thank you so much! And then when I did that he called me and said to me “I have a song for you now and I think this can be a hit for you! ". He (Thomas G:son) sent me the demo and he was singing the song and he sings terribly…

M- (Laughing)

A -Now you don’t believe me, but It was just horrible! We actually played it at the final rehearsals in Globen and people they laughed like crazy and he was so embarrassed. That was really funny!

M- Was your participation in 'Let's Dance' the inspiration for the Latino feel in your new album?

A- No it’s not, I think the inspiration is because I am half Spanish! Yes my father is from Spain, so yes I am half Spanish. And I like the Latin rhythms, I really like them a lot!

M- You look like you are so enjoy the rhythms when you are dancing?

A- Yes I do absolutely and I will try to take some lessons now with more general show dancing, you know? What I learned in ‘Let’s Dance’ was more ballroom dancing, so I am gonna take some other types of dance lessons in the fall!

Part 2 to follow!


The Vodka Systems have been listening to Saint Carola of Främling and Saint Kikki of Danielsson today and Marty has come over all religious! Bless!

Wednesday, 23 May 2007


We the Schlager systems are backing our friend Sanna Nielsen for a UK hit single this year! On Sanna's new album '11-22' Sanna has given her public two songs in English, 'Surrender' and 'Loneliness'. These two tracks could be key to her international bid for success (backed by us!). We here at The Schlager Systems back 'Surrender' to be her first UK single and are currently bombarding record companies and radio stations to take the song on and make it the big summer hit. After all it has that all important key change!

Saturday, 19 May 2007


Well we decided there was no point even commentating about last Saturday's Eurovision. So we wont. We have acouple of interviews coming up soon, as sort of Melodifestivalen special! Oh we text thomas G:son - god of pop last saturday to wish him well with D'Nash and 'I love you Mi Vida' and he kinda thanked us...what a man! We love you Thomas!!!!!!!!

Friday, 11 May 2007


Swedish schlager diva Sanna Nielsen has very graciously given The Schlager Systems an exclusive interview! Sanna has performed in Melodifestivalen several times and her new album '11-22' spans her amazing 11 year career.

Q. Sanna, although you are still only 22, you have been around the Swedish music industry for over a decade, how did you come to release a record (till en fogel) so young?

Sanna: I was 7 years old when I entered the stage in a singing competition. I loved it so much that I wanted to do more of that. And when I was 10 years old I did my last competition because the band that played with me they recorded me on a tape, that I didn't know of and sent that to my mentor and dear friend today, Bert Månson. He received it and after a while he called me at my home in Edenryd and asked me if I wanted to come to his studio and sing for him. I was thrilled so me and my family went to his home and I got the chance to sing for him. He said to me that he had a song that noone had recorded, and he asked me if I was interested to do that. I didn't really know what was happening, and my parents where really carefull. ANyway I got the chance to sing on a tv show called Cafe Norrköping, and I sang that song that Bert had written which was Till en fågel. A few months later I got a record contract!

Q. Was fame difficult to come to terms with at such a young age?

Sanna: It wasn't actually. Although I can admit that I didn't really know what was happening. I was just a little girl who wanted to sing, and got to do that. That was an amazing feeling. And I never saw myself as a famous person. That could also depend on the way that we worked. It was very important to take it slow for me in the business, cause school was my main thing. It was very important to both me and my parents that school would come first so I sang and toured on the holidays and sometimes in the weekends, just as my friends had their "jobs" on the holidays. You can say that it was a hobby for me in a very long time!

Q. We really think you should have won with 'Vågar du, vågar jag' at this year's Melodifestivalen! We love schlager and it is a fabulous track! Were you disappointed not to be going to Helsinki?
Sanna: No I was not. It's an incredible feeling and adventure to be part of this event. And something that we have discovered is that you don't have to win this competition to do well with your song afterwards. A good song is always a good song... And I'm very proud of the results for Vågar du vågar jag. I had a great time those three weeks that i was part of the event and I will never forget it! Thank you very much for the compliment of the song. That means a lot to me=)

Q. Who are your musical heroes?

Sanna: I listen to different kinds of music, but the one singer that I love the most is absolutely Celine Dion! She is great! I went to Las Vegas last year and saw her show A new day... and i was overwhelmed! She sang so great and had such a feeling within her voice that I started to cry. It really moved me! I get a lot of my inspiration from her.

Q. Have you any plans to launch yourself internationally? We would love to see you here in the UK!

Sanna: Thank you! I would love to come to the UK and sing for you! It really is a big step if I would launch myself internationally and it would really be a challenge. But I do like challenges so if that opportunity would come I don't think my answer would be No thanks=). I focus right now on what I have and I learn so many things every day so Im enjoying everything that I am doing in my musiclife...

Q. You have a fantastic voice, do you enjoy performing live?
Sanna; Thank you=) I LOVE performing live, that's what I want to do the rest of my life! I feel so very secure and "home" when I am on stage. And when I see happy faces in the audience that makes me so happy, cause I feel then that they see how much I love this, and that they are a part of that and enjoys it!

Q. What your most memorable experience as a performer?

Sanna: oh, wow! That's a big question. I've been in this business for 11 years and I have a lot of great memories. I know that my "first dream" in this business was to take part in melodifestivalen. I remember when I saw Carola winning with Fångad av en stormvind in 1991. I think I was about 7 years old or something. I remember I said to my mom and dad.." I also want to stand on a huge stage like that and sing..." and when I actually got the chance to take part in that event 2001 with my song "igår idag" I was a little bit chocked. I didn't think it was possible for me to take part in that competition. But of course I was so happy to have gotten the chance to do that. I learned so much from that competition that year. It was so much people around us every step we took, and that was a lot to deal with but at the same time a fun experience! But the greatest thing was of course to stand on that stage, which had been my dream for so long. We stood there and sang for THREE minutes only.. but it was totally worth it. It opened up so many doors for me!

Q. As an artist, who would you most like to work with and why?

Sanna: hmm.. I have to say Celine Dion (you can dream, can'y you?*smile*) That would be such an amazing experience. I mean, when I listen to her at home I almost analyze her vocal and the way she sings and learns alot from her by that. So I would really learn something from her If I got that chance, and I would be so honoured of course to do that. Another one I would like to work with is Josh Groban. An amazing voice!!!

Q. Your album '11-22' has been very successful, what's next for Sanna Nielsen?

Sanna: I'm very proud of this album which contains songs from my early career to where I am today.This summer I will do my own concerts in Sweden. Also I am doing a tour with my dear collegues Sonja Alden and Shirley Clamp. We go under the name "three S" and we are touring around the country with about 15 concerts. I am so looking forward to that! We have also been giving the great honour to sing to our Princess Viktoria on her birthday the 14th July which is going to be so fun!

Q. Do you have any plans to enter Melodifestivalen in the future? (If you do we are sure you will win!!!!)

Sanna: Thank you! You can never say never=) I love that event and I never thought that I would participate there 4 times but I did, and I have said to myself that if there is a song for me that I just love to do and feels right for me, then I'll absolutely do that!=)

Q. What are you favourite Eurovision songs from this year's competition? (We love Norway's Guri Schanke with Ven A Bailar Conmigo)

Sanna: hmm.. I don't kow yet. I can admit that I have only heard one song, and I don't remember what country, but the singer was great. She had a big wounderful voice and sang a ballad and I love that!

Q. If you weren't one of Sweden's most successful young stars, what would you be doing instead?

Sanna: I really don't know! This is what I've wanted to do all my life! I love children so it would probably be something in that area, but I don't know.. I'm afraid to think of that *smile*

Q. You are always incredibly stylish, who designs your clothes?

Sanna: oh thank you!! Well I love clothes and Thomas Malmros is the designer in Sweden that I got to work with this year in melodifestivalen. And I'm very proud of that outfit and he as well as the stylist Eva Lind helped me to find clothes for those weeks in melodifestivalen. We went out and looked for them together and that gave me so much inspiration.

Q. Do you like to party or are you a girl who likes to be at home?

Sanna: I think I'm a little bit of both! I love to go out and dance with my friends and have a good time. But I don't do that very often since I work a lot! And when I work it's very important for me to get my sleep and that I am in a good shape vocally. Then I also love to be at home spending my free time with my family, maybe go to the cinema and relax! That's really therapy for me!

Q. Can you cook? What is your favourite meal?

Sanna: I learned to cook just 4-5 years ago, i mean really cook, not just macaronies or something like that. Me and my boyfriend love to make dinner together. It s an opportunity for us to really hang out actually! We both love asian food, and most Thai actually. So we make a lot of thaifood, green curry, red curry, wok! Spicy!

Q. You have a lot of support from fans in the UK; do you have a message for them?

Sanna: Oh to hear that is really amazing! It warms my heart. I really want to come to the UK and meet my fans. I really hope that i get that chance someday. I thank you all so much for all the support you are giving me! I have read letters from you and your comments on my website and it gives me such energy! Thank you soooo much=)

Sanna, thank you very much for your time. We wish you continued success in the future and we love you dearly. Keep up the schlager!!!

Sanna: Thank you!! Take care and I hope to see you soon.Love Sanna
Marty, Kethan, Shona and Penny
The Vodka Systems

Thursday, 10 May 2007


Tonight has been an horrendous night for schlager at the ESC semi-finals. Both DQ and our beloved Guri Schanke lost out to what appears to have been the 'Eastern Block Song Contest' with all it's drums and wailing! Can we say that the voting system appears to be 'suspect' to say the least, our votes alone should have put Guri into the finals! As Sir Tezza has always pointed out, the voting is clearly political, hopefully one day this will change! Can we just say that we saw Guri at her best, she gave all. Guri's performance was perfection and didn't she look just fabulous? Her voice was note perfect with not a hint of nerves (unlike some other acts we could mention!) and her dress changes were seamless. Can we thank Guri and her team for sending us this back stage picture from Hartwall Arena, my doesn't that pink champagne looks good? Here to you guri, you will always be our winner!

Monday, 7 May 2007


Wow, Guri is our hot pick for Euro queen 2007 and guess what? Yes she has given us an exclusive interview prior to her ESC performance! And here it is just for you!

From Marty: Guri, we love your song Ven A Bailar Conmigo, which spectacularly won at Norway's MGP this year. How did you come to work with Thomas G:son?

Guri: The Norwegian broadcaster contacted me, asking if i wanted to sing in the contest, and i said of course! Since i had participated in the Norwegian "Strictly come dancing", we wanted to find a song where we could include dance. The Norwegian Broadcaster contacted Thomas G:son, and when i heard the song i was so excited and said yes immediately!

From Shona: Guri, in Norway you are an accomplished singer and actress, who and what inspired you to entertain?

Guri: I grew up in a very artistic family, and dancing has always been a big part of my life. Old musical movies, like Singing in the Rain has always inspired me.
From the band: What was your big break in Norway?
Guri:I think my name got known in Norway during my role as Eponin in Les Miserable in 1988. After that i have done lots of roles in different shows/musicals/cabarets. Maybe Eurovision is my huge break!!

From Penny: We adored your dress change behind the black feathers at the MGP this year, will you be changing your routine for Helsinki?

Guri: Yes! This time i have three dresses, and the feathers are white!

From Kethan: I would just like to say that It's so great to see someone putting a bit of glamour back into Eurovision, well done you! Do you have any favourites from this years competition?

Guri: There are so many great songs and performances. I like Sweden a lot, but also Belarus, Turkey, Spain, Lithuania, Germany and Island.

From Marty: You definitely have the best legs in the competition, you look very fit and toned, what's your secret? Is dancing a passion of yours?

Guri: Yes, i love dancing, it has been a big part of my life. Thank you for your kind words, i love to dance, luckly it is a fun way to stay in shape.

From Penny: We love A-ha also from Norway and had the pleasure to see them at frognerparken last year, who are your music heroes?

Guri: I love A-ha too, i have great respect for them. They have opened many doors for artists from the north. I was fortuned to meet Carola! She is great. I have also been inspired by Celine Dion, Radka Toneff and Lara Fabian

From Marty: Have you ever been to Scotland? And if so did you like it?

Guri: I have never had the opportunity to visit Scotland, but i would love to. I have heard so many nice things about Scotland.

From the band: Who designed your outfits at MGP, they were fabulous!

Guri: I love the dresses too! The designer is CåreJånni Enderud, he is a great designer and also a drag artist in Norway. He makes fantastic costumes.

From Marty: Are you using the same designer for Eurovision?

Guri: Yes, CåreJånni will be the designer for Eurovision as well, he is lovely!

Thank you very much for letting us interview you, we will be cheering you on and waving our Norway flags!

Much Love from Marty, Kethan, Shona, and Penny

The Vodka Systems

Sunday, 6 May 2007


Remember eurovision in 2005, Sweden's entry was Martin Stenmarck with Las Vegas, not Sweden's best entry by far. Last year Martin released his Swedish album 'Nio Sannigar och en Lögn' which is absolutely wonderful, far better than anything he has done before. The svensktoppen swedish music chart has seen Martin's single '7milakliv' stay at the top for many many weeks. If you have any sense you will buy the album. Let not forget this this bloke is top totty too! Well, he is touring Sweden extensively this summer below listed are his tour dates:

2007-06-01 GÖTEBORG, Liseberg
2007-06-16 FLEN, Fest i Flen
2007-06-17 HELSINGBORG, Ramlösa 300 år
2007-06-28 LUDVIKA, Ludvikafestivalen
2007-06-29 SKELLEFTEÅ, Stadsfesten
2007-06-30 MOTALA, Vätternfestivalen
2007-06-30 KARLSKOGA, Borggården
2007-07-01 VÄSTERÅS, Mälarrocken
2007-07-06 SUNDSVALL, Gatufesten
2007-07-07 JÄRVSÖ, Älvdansen
2007-07-10 KRISTIANSTAD, Kristianstadsdagarna
2007-07-11 BORGHOLM, Ruinen
2007-07-13 LANDSKRONA, Landskronakarnevalen
2007-07-14 TIDAN, Olstorps Festplats
2007-07-15 ESKILSTUNA, Parken Zoo
2007-07-18 KARLSHAMN, Östersjöfestivalen
2007-07-20 MARIEHAMN (FI), Rock Off Festivalen
2007-07-21 JUNSELE, Äventyrsberget
2007-07-25 HALMSTAD, Tylösand
2007-07-26 UDDEVALLA, Fjordfestivalen
2007-07-27 BORLÄNGE, Rommetravet
2007-07-28 ÖSTERSUND, Storsjöyran
2007-08-01 LYSEKIL, Havsbaden
2007-08-03 STOCKHOLM, Gröna Lund
2007-08-04 LULEÅ, Luleå Kalaset
2007-08-11 ARVIKA, Hamn Festen

Hopefully we will be covering the Gröna Lund event but we will keep you posted!

Saturday, 5 May 2007

One Week To Go!!!!!!

Well there is only one more week to go until the Eurovision finals and Guri romps home to victory! That’s after dancing her way to many a ‘douze points’ in the semi’s on Thursday! Like many of you we will be having a Euro party and it will be fabulous! Just to let you know that we may have a Guri exclusive coming to this blog soon so stay tuned!

The Schlagerboys at the Loom bar!

Never guess who Marty and Madame Tempest ran into at the LOOM BAR the other week? None other than those fabulous schlager icons THE SCHLAGERBOYS! Madame let us publish this piccy of the boys and our Marty!

Friday, 4 May 2007

Is it Denmark or Schlagermark?

In the run up to Eurovision and in a search for Schlager, Sweden has let us down this year BIG TIME, the Ark are as far from Schlager as you can get, and with such gems in Melodifestivalen this year as Sanna Nielsen's 'vågar du, vågar jag' and Måns Zimmerlow's 'Cara Mia' to choose from, the svenska audience seems to have turned it's back on schlager. No Kikki 'Papaya Coconut' Danielsson wearing a huge marquis or Lena Ph writhing around a pole with her knickers showing, no fireworks strategically placed at the schlager key change for extra camp flare. But wait... Its Denmark's own schlagertastic drag queen 'DQ' with the great schlager track 'Drama Queen', complete with huge feather laden head dress! It could be a nordic schlager show down with DQ in one corner with 'Drama Queen' and Guri 'the legs' Schanke for Norway in the other! The slavic countries should watch, listen and learn. They should put away their mandolins and balaliakas in favour of a dramatic dress change in the schlager modulation. Ding ding, let round one begin!

Lisa Miskovsky

This is a great picture of Swedish singer Lisa Miskovsky taken at the Rival on Sunday 29th April 2007. She is simply stunning and gave a wonderful acoustic performance. Go and buy all her CD's now!

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

GURI TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!

It starts here and now! The Vodka Systems's Marty Musika is officially backing Guri Schanke to win at this years Eurovision song contest. She is from Norway and she's fab and her song 'Ven A Bailar Conmigo' (and associated dress changes) will win in Helsinki. Written by schlager god Thomas G:son, who penned 'Invincible' for Carola for last years Eurovision! Come on Guri Lets Dance!

Schlager Night at the Loom bar

Well, myself, Marty and Madame Tempest (the photographer) attended the fabulous LOOM bar in London for the Schlager event of the year so far on Friday April 20th. Pink champagne and Swedish canopes were served as we drank and danced to all the fantastic schlager tunes. Highlights of the night for Marty were dancing to Carola - Evighet, Kikki Danielsson - Idag och Imorgon and Linda Bengtzing - Alla Flickor!!

Many thanks go to Sara Fredriksson for hosting the event, she was a fantastic host! And we look forward to attending another event in the near future. More schlager Sara!


The Vodka Systems have been big fans of Lisa Miskovsky since she released her eponymously titled first album back in 2001. Discovered by Marty and Kethan while on a 'city break' to Gothenburg, everywhere you went all you heard was 'Driving One Of Your Cars' by Lisa. Marty just had to buy the album there and then. Since then The Vodka Systems have been doing all they can to help Lisa break into the UK market and like to think we played a part in Lisa landing a UK record deal with her astonishing second album 'Fallingwater' (but probably didn't). Lisa's third long player 'Changes' has been out in Sweden since last year and still no word of a uk release as yet....come on Universal, let Lisa loose on the UK!!!

Marty and Kethan went to see Lisa live at the Rival in Stockholm on Sunday night and they tell me that she was just fantastic, although Marty's loud singing and flag waving didn't go down too well with the Swedes!
Love Penny xx


Well today was a beautiful day in Scotland. Kethan was saving lives, Penny was cutting grass (how rock and roll) and shona was securing her release from the mental asylum. So I, Marty Musika, went up the park all alone for some sun and really enjoyed myself listening to 'Alla Flickor' by Linda Bengtzing on repeat! I am now applying flamazine to my third degree sunburns...


The vodka Systems had never been to Uppsala before so we decided to go for a little day trip to sample the university city's delights, the weather in Sweden was very nice indeed for this time of year. We did the cultural thing and went to the very impressive 'Domkyrka', that was nice, then on for some pear ciders!

Just Back From Sweden!

Hej Marty Musika from THE VODKA SYSTEMS here! Welcome to our blog. Kethan and I are just back from Stockholm and my did we have a good time! We love Stockholm and we have found our new home in Stockholm, it the Rival Hotel at Mariatorget! Yes this is our official residence in Stockholm and It is owned by none other than ABBA's own Benny Andersson - how fab is that? We slpet soundly knowing that we were sleeping on crisp Egyption linen owned by Benny! The ABBA theme didn't stop there, on Saturday night we attended 'The Original ABBA Orchestra' at Globen, the actual band that backed ABBA on all their records and live shows. The excitement didn't stop there, the one and only schlager king Magnus Carlsson of melodifestivalen, Alcazar and Barbados fame was singing along with Jenny from Ace Of Base (remember them?). Guess who came on near the end for a surprise performance - BENNY ANDERSSON FROM ABBA - we nearly pissed ourselves we were so excited I mean the man is king of the world of pop! We slept in his bed and saw him in person! What a night!