Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Linda B to be Dropped from Record Label Shocker!!!!

Well the gossip (not that we listen to gossip) on the net is that our Linda Bengtzing is being held to ransom by her record company! Apparently, according to sources, if Linda doesn't take part in next year's Melodifestivalen then she wont be afforded the luxury of recording her second album! Heavens-to-betsy this is nothing short of an international scandal! Well, there is already an online petition to sign at campaigning for the the release of a new Linda Album, without Melodifestivalen stings attached! Readers you know you have to sign it! We, however, would be utterly thrilled if our Linda did participate next year, but maybe the thought of competing against Carola again is just too much to bear! Bring on the schlager fight of the century!
We are behind you Linda... can we have an interview? This story came via Linda's fansite on Myspace

Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Now our heroine, Carola has been very quite this year, so we thought we would share her fab interval act during melodifestivalen 2003! She is the best!!!!!!!

Short Video of Carola - Invincible at the Schlager Party, Loom bar London

Sunday, 22 July 2007

A Word From Miss Tempest on G-A-Y

Saturday 21st G.A.Y London Astoria Army of Lovers, Alcazar and BWO

When I first arrived @ 11.30pm two hours before the performance, the atmosphere was electrifying. The DJ's enthralled the audience by playing music & videos of all three acts about to perform live, as well more music from other Swedish acts as well as the more well known dance tracks. As it got closer to performance time the venue filled to capacity. Through out the evening the audience co-operated well with the security. The atmosphere was relaxed, so much so that you could have quite easily felt the that security was unnecessary.
As 1.30am loomed, the lights changed for the performance. First on stage was Army of Lovers, followed in velocity by Alcazar & BWO! The whole preformance was just short of one hour in which the audience could only be describe as hyper charged and electric.

Miss Tempest


Our Miss Tempest was on the guest list for the Army of Lovers-Alcazar-BWO night at G-A-Y in London last night and she managed to take these great photos of the bands. We hope you will enjoy!
The night gets off to a great start at G-A-Y
Army of Lovers were first to perform with their huge hit 'Crucified'

Next up are Alcazar without Magnus or (Mi Amore) Annikafiore ! Hurrah for Andreas and Tess and the new girl Lina Hedlund!

Martin Rolinski from BWO
Martin and Anna Marina Schiptjenko from BWO
Bodies Without Organs were last to perform to the cheering masses!

At the end of the set, a standing ovation for the man behind it all - Mr Alexander Bard!
All photos are copyright of Tempus Fugit Productions.

Friday, 20 July 2007

Magnus Carlsson - Live Forever: The Album. The Schlager Systems Review!

The ex-Barbados and Alcazar boy releases his new album! Great news for UK fans is that it available on iTunes! One thing is for sure this album is pure summer! Marty and Kethan Review the tracks for the Schlager Systems.

Crazy Summer Nights - Ok we know Magnus LOVES Abba and his performance with the Original Abba Orchestra was magnusificent! This is his 'Summer Night City'. A great album opener. It's pure sun drenched Piz Buin bliss!

I Wont Cry - Neither will we! Kethan says it's a happy upbeat discomania stomping dance song, and yes there's a schlagertastically fabulous key change!

Waves Of Love – Bee Gee-esque falsetto from our Magnus here! This is the second single from the album and is one of the stand-out tracks. This song is a mid-tempo, sun-blazing down, strolling down the beach with your iPod on type of song.

Nothing Is Real - Has Magnus been attending the Enrique and Julio University of Latin Love? Well if this track is anything to go by, he certainly has. This song has captured the feeling of Madonna's earlier spanish influenced tracks, like 'La isla Bonitta', but here sung by a bloke!

Another Rainbow – At this present time this is my favourite track! Powerful pop sensibility and production on this one. Something about this track sends shivers down my spine. I think Magnus’ voice is very strong and he utilises his falsetto very well as he did on Live Forever. Magnus’ voice actually reminds me a little of Morten Harket in ‘Take on Me’.

Live Forever – This was Magnus’ Melodifestivalen entry for 2007 and shockingly never made it to the Guld Finale. One of the stand-out schlager numbers from this year and a huge hit in Sweden. This song has a great video too if you haven’t already checked it out. I do believe I can hear two key changes here.
Give a Little Love – Well this sounds like Magnus slipping back into Alcazar-mode! Definitely disco orientated. Something about this song reminds me of Saturday Night Fever. This song is a dancefloor however we don’t think it is in contention for single release, not quite strong enough.

Never Walk Away – Well if Give a Little Love was Alcazar-like then this is the Barbados- type ballad! Pleasant listening, kind of Enrique-esque guitar ballad, sweet but not ground breaking!

Don’t You Worry – Marty’s other favourite, and on certain versions of the album you get the demo version too. This track has a strong chorus and definitely in the running for the next single after Another Rainbow. Really like the demo version too, in fact difficult to decide what version is better, the big production doesn’t always win in my ears! A great song for driving in the summertime with the wind in your hair (if you have any)!

I Need Your love - Mid tempo with castanets! A very warm vocal from Magnus here and it would make any señor or señoritta weak at the knees! This track continues the latin influence Magnus has displayed on many tracks on the album.

You – This is pure unadulterated europop, we love europop! There is f**k all wrong with europop. This track wouldn’t sit too well with ears unatuned to the euro sound. We can definitely hear a dance remix here, and a stonking one at that! All hand gestures and bed linen Carola style!

Boogie Time - Ok this is a bit more than a reference to 'Boogie Wonderland' Magnus style! Our gay hero ends his tracklist with an uptempo number rather than a slushy ballad.

What makes this album a bit special is the extra demo tracks and remixes you get, including 'Live Forever' acoustic - which is an orchestral version - very nice indeed. If you like schlager pop then grab yourself a copy!

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Miss Tempest to Cover G.A.Y.

Our photographer, Miss Tempest is on the guest list for G.A.Y. on Saturday night to cover the once in a lifetime Alcazar, BWO and Army of Lovers gig so stay tuned, you can log into her photo site to see more Loom Bar Pictures at enjoy! Here is Miss Tempest with Kethan and Marty.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007


The Schlager Boys!
Scooch! (well... sort of)

Sara Fredriksson, our lovely hostess!

The Schlager Boys, calling Shirley Clamp on her mobile to remind her just what schlager sounds like!

Is that David Walliams?

Marty and Kethan in the crowd!

Marty and Kethan again!

Well it was a great night for all at the Schlager party in the Loom bar, and Miss Tempest was there as photographer. Here are a few pictures, we hope you like them!
Highlights of the night:
  • Sanna Nielsen - Vågar Du and Surrender
  • Linda Bengtzing - Alla Flickor
  • Kikki - Idag och Imorgon
  • Anna Book - Biggest cheer of the night with Samba Sambero!!!!

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Loom Bar!!!

Well.. Just recovering from last night's spectacular schlager party hosted once again at the loom bar by the lovely sarah fredriksson. Kethan came with myself and miss tempest this time. We danced our pants off to sanna, linda, lena, kikki and so much more. Anna book got the biggest cheer of the night! Miss tempest took over three hundred photos, including a mini photo shoot of us! How completely fabulous! Stay tuned for pictures and video coming soon! Hopefully miss fredriksson will host another schlagerama really soon. Lots of love from marty, reporting from london x

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

New Magnus Album Released

Hurray! Magnus Carlsson's new long player 'Live Forever - The Album' is released today and it doesn't disappoint! Definitely Magnus' strongest solo release to date. Stay tuned for the Schlager Systems track-by-track album review. The album is available for download from iTunes.

The Sonja Aldén Interview!

Sonja Aldén's performance at this years Melodifestivalen was nothing short of stunning with her beautiful song ‘För att du finns’, since then Sonja has released her debut album 'Till Dig' (To You) wich has shot to the top of the album charts in Sweden. We just love her so were thrilled at the chance to ask her a few questions!

TVS - The Vodka Systems

SA - Sonja

TVS - First of all congratulations on the success of your album ‘Till Dig’ and your fabulous track ‘För att du finns’. Congratulations for being number 1 on the Svensktoppen too – how exciting! How did you become involved in Melodifestivalen?

SA - Thank you so much! I got to work with some of the top songwriters in the country in 2004, mostely from demo-recordings. I have always been writing music and lyrics, and as time went by we formed us together and I found my true expression, way, words and music.

TVS - Where about in Sweden do you come from?

SA - I grew up in Huddinge, right outside Stockholm, but I was born in St Albans, UK…

TVS - What were your musical influences growing up?

SA - I listened to whatever my mom played on the stereo, and there was always music in the house! A lot of Annie Lennox for example..

TVS - You have gained a lot of fans thoughout Europe and the UK is no exception. Tell us, if you can, about Sonja… do you have a special someone in your life?

SA - My family and dear friends are very special to me, understanding and supporting. The rest the future will tell…

TVS - You must be recognised all over Sweden since your appearance on Melodifestivalen, what has that been like?

SA - I get recognised here and there, and so far it has just been a lot of fun because of the great reception of my debut album. People are very nice to me. I feel fortunate!

TVS - If you were not a successful artist, what would you do for a living?

SA - I would always be writing, that is as natural as breathing to me, but I would think that I would like to work with children in some way. I love children and their honesty!

TVS - What is your favourite colour?

SA - Green and blue in combination..

TVS - Apart from your song in this year’s Melodifestivalen, what was your favourite song of the competition?

SA - “Godmorgon” By Uno Svenningsson.

TVS - Did you watch the Eurovision Song contest?

SA - I tried to follow as well as I could, I was working, singing in Malmö that evening, but there was a tv backstage, so I could watch a little bit in between the performings..

TVS - What was you favourite country (apart from Sweden!)?

SA - As far as I remember, I saw and liked Finland a lot, but I´m gonna try to get a chans to see them all.

TVS - Do you have any plans to record in English?

SA - Absolutely! Don´t know when, but I´ve got a lot of English music that is longing to get recorded, so in due time….

TVS - Have you ever visited our native Scotland?

SA - I have not, but I really wish to see Scotland some time soon, I think it is a very beautiful place on earth and have actually had a longing to see it since I was a child.

TVS - Can you think of three words that describe Sonja Aldén?

SA - …Positive, sensitive and creative…….

TVS - Do you have any words for your UK fans

SA - I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great supporting, for writing to me and raising the fire in my heart for writing more and more in English.. Thank you so much! I was born in UK, I feel a special bond to the country and I will be back some time!

Sonja Aldén

The Vodka Sytems would like to thank Sonja and Frida very much xx

Monday, 2 July 2007

Nanne and BAO!

Sweden's popular show 'Allsång på skansen' is now in full swing every tuesday night in Stockholm's Skansen. Basically everyone gets together for a sing-a-long and it's televised live to 2 million Swedes. The sing-a-longs are interspersted by superstars performing live! It's become a Swedish national insitution (remember Carola hitting an audience member with a potted plant - how very Christian, lol), anyway Benny Andersson from ABBA is playing with is 'Orkester' on Tuesday 7th August which is the final night - also appearing is the schlagertastically fabulous NANNE!!!!!!!!!! So remember folks to tune into SVT Sweden every Tuesday night on the internet to catch the marvel that is "Allsång på skansen"!

Good News for Magnus Fans in the UK

Schlagerkung Magnus Carlsson's nya album 'Live Forever - The Album' gets an official release on iTunes uk on August 4th, which is great news. Please click the link to get an album preview Magnus, like his old bandmates 'Barbados', join the likes of Sonja Alden, Sanna Nielsen, Sarah Dawn Finer and Nanne in having their studio efforts available over iTunes UK and long may that continue, so hip hip hooray for that!