Tuesday, 10 July 2007


The Schlager Boys!
Scooch! (well... sort of)

Sara Fredriksson, our lovely hostess!

The Schlager Boys, calling Shirley Clamp on her mobile to remind her just what schlager sounds like!

Is that David Walliams?

Marty and Kethan in the crowd!

Marty and Kethan again!

Well it was a great night for all at the Schlager party in the Loom bar, and Miss Tempest was there as photographer. Here are a few pictures, we hope you like them!
Highlights of the night:
  • Sanna Nielsen - Vågar Du and Surrender
  • Linda Bengtzing - Alla Flickor
  • Kikki - Idag och Imorgon
  • Anna Book - Biggest cheer of the night with Samba Sambero!!!!


Melodimen said...

We agree - a meloditastic night!

We vote for a Melodifestivalen -esque tour of the country, let the next Schlager night be in Birmingham on route to Scotland!

Melodimen said...

Your photos are great!

Miss Tempest was happy snappy all night!

At one point strangled by three cameras around her neck it seemed.

Any idea where these pictures might appear?

Front page of Expressen or.....?

Opal said...

hey what a great night great pictures, it's fantastic you have an in house photograher how can you as a website afford it photographers are very expensive is Miss Tempest the same person who did the Sawyers exhibition if so you Schlager Systems are extremely lucky to have her. Great website better than you know whose

Bollinger Bolshevik said...

Yaay! Not only have I been photographed, (sixth picture down, yellow t-shirt), but the phantom travelcard (just below me) has found it's way into the picture!

By the way, I picked it up and put it on the side. I hope the person who lost it found it.