Thursday, 19 July 2007

Miss Tempest to Cover G.A.Y.

Our photographer, Miss Tempest is on the guest list for G.A.Y. on Saturday night to cover the once in a lifetime Alcazar, BWO and Army of Lovers gig so stay tuned, you can log into her photo site to see more Loom Bar Pictures at enjoy! Here is Miss Tempest with Kethan and Marty.

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blueboy said...

Wow how fabulous, Miss Tempest's website is wonderful very creative music & pictures she caught me on film a few times, will say hello to her at G.A.Y if I see her what a website this is very factual and the fact that you not only have photographer plus a editorial team it makes this site all the more professional not like some other amateur dramatic Schlager Queens from Birmingham.
Look forward to next lot of photographs very soon.