Friday, 20 July 2007

Magnus Carlsson - Live Forever: The Album. The Schlager Systems Review!

The ex-Barbados and Alcazar boy releases his new album! Great news for UK fans is that it available on iTunes! One thing is for sure this album is pure summer! Marty and Kethan Review the tracks for the Schlager Systems.

Crazy Summer Nights - Ok we know Magnus LOVES Abba and his performance with the Original Abba Orchestra was magnusificent! This is his 'Summer Night City'. A great album opener. It's pure sun drenched Piz Buin bliss!

I Wont Cry - Neither will we! Kethan says it's a happy upbeat discomania stomping dance song, and yes there's a schlagertastically fabulous key change!

Waves Of Love – Bee Gee-esque falsetto from our Magnus here! This is the second single from the album and is one of the stand-out tracks. This song is a mid-tempo, sun-blazing down, strolling down the beach with your iPod on type of song.

Nothing Is Real - Has Magnus been attending the Enrique and Julio University of Latin Love? Well if this track is anything to go by, he certainly has. This song has captured the feeling of Madonna's earlier spanish influenced tracks, like 'La isla Bonitta', but here sung by a bloke!

Another Rainbow – At this present time this is my favourite track! Powerful pop sensibility and production on this one. Something about this track sends shivers down my spine. I think Magnus’ voice is very strong and he utilises his falsetto very well as he did on Live Forever. Magnus’ voice actually reminds me a little of Morten Harket in ‘Take on Me’.

Live Forever – This was Magnus’ Melodifestivalen entry for 2007 and shockingly never made it to the Guld Finale. One of the stand-out schlager numbers from this year and a huge hit in Sweden. This song has a great video too if you haven’t already checked it out. I do believe I can hear two key changes here.
Give a Little Love – Well this sounds like Magnus slipping back into Alcazar-mode! Definitely disco orientated. Something about this song reminds me of Saturday Night Fever. This song is a dancefloor however we don’t think it is in contention for single release, not quite strong enough.

Never Walk Away – Well if Give a Little Love was Alcazar-like then this is the Barbados- type ballad! Pleasant listening, kind of Enrique-esque guitar ballad, sweet but not ground breaking!

Don’t You Worry – Marty’s other favourite, and on certain versions of the album you get the demo version too. This track has a strong chorus and definitely in the running for the next single after Another Rainbow. Really like the demo version too, in fact difficult to decide what version is better, the big production doesn’t always win in my ears! A great song for driving in the summertime with the wind in your hair (if you have any)!

I Need Your love - Mid tempo with castanets! A very warm vocal from Magnus here and it would make any señor or señoritta weak at the knees! This track continues the latin influence Magnus has displayed on many tracks on the album.

You – This is pure unadulterated europop, we love europop! There is f**k all wrong with europop. This track wouldn’t sit too well with ears unatuned to the euro sound. We can definitely hear a dance remix here, and a stonking one at that! All hand gestures and bed linen Carola style!

Boogie Time - Ok this is a bit more than a reference to 'Boogie Wonderland' Magnus style! Our gay hero ends his tracklist with an uptempo number rather than a slushy ballad.

What makes this album a bit special is the extra demo tracks and remixes you get, including 'Live Forever' acoustic - which is an orchestral version - very nice indeed. If you like schlager pop then grab yourself a copy!

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Jake said...

Best track for me is "You". Nice artwork too.