Thursday, 10 May 2007


Tonight has been an horrendous night for schlager at the ESC semi-finals. Both DQ and our beloved Guri Schanke lost out to what appears to have been the 'Eastern Block Song Contest' with all it's drums and wailing! Can we say that the voting system appears to be 'suspect' to say the least, our votes alone should have put Guri into the finals! As Sir Tezza has always pointed out, the voting is clearly political, hopefully one day this will change! Can we just say that we saw Guri at her best, she gave all. Guri's performance was perfection and didn't she look just fabulous? Her voice was note perfect with not a hint of nerves (unlike some other acts we could mention!) and her dress changes were seamless. Can we thank Guri and her team for sending us this back stage picture from Hartwall Arena, my doesn't that pink champagne looks good? Here to you guri, you will always be our winner!

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