Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Just Back From Sweden!

Hej Marty Musika from THE VODKA SYSTEMS here! Welcome to our blog. Kethan and I are just back from Stockholm and my did we have a good time! We love Stockholm and we have found our new home in Stockholm, it the Rival Hotel at Mariatorget! Yes this is our official residence in Stockholm and It is owned by none other than ABBA's own Benny Andersson - how fab is that? We slpet soundly knowing that we were sleeping on crisp Egyption linen owned by Benny! The ABBA theme didn't stop there, on Saturday night we attended 'The Original ABBA Orchestra' at Globen, the actual band that backed ABBA on all their records and live shows. The excitement didn't stop there, the one and only schlager king Magnus Carlsson of melodifestivalen, Alcazar and Barbados fame was singing along with Jenny from Ace Of Base (remember them?). Guess who came on near the end for a surprise performance - BENNY ANDERSSON FROM ABBA - we nearly pissed ourselves we were so excited I mean the man is king of the world of pop! We slept in his bed and saw him in person! What a night!

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