Tuesday, 1 May 2007


The Vodka Systems have been big fans of Lisa Miskovsky since she released her eponymously titled first album back in 2001. Discovered by Marty and Kethan while on a 'city break' to Gothenburg, everywhere you went all you heard was 'Driving One Of Your Cars' by Lisa. Marty just had to buy the album there and then. Since then The Vodka Systems have been doing all they can to help Lisa break into the UK market and like to think we played a part in Lisa landing a UK record deal with her astonishing second album 'Fallingwater' (but probably didn't). Lisa's third long player 'Changes' has been out in Sweden since last year and still no word of a uk release as yet....come on Universal, let Lisa loose on the UK!!!

Marty and Kethan went to see Lisa live at the Rival in Stockholm on Sunday night and they tell me that she was just fantastic, although Marty's loud singing and flag waving didn't go down too well with the Swedes!
Love Penny xx

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