Friday, 4 May 2007

Is it Denmark or Schlagermark?

In the run up to Eurovision and in a search for Schlager, Sweden has let us down this year BIG TIME, the Ark are as far from Schlager as you can get, and with such gems in Melodifestivalen this year as Sanna Nielsen's 'vågar du, vågar jag' and Måns Zimmerlow's 'Cara Mia' to choose from, the svenska audience seems to have turned it's back on schlager. No Kikki 'Papaya Coconut' Danielsson wearing a huge marquis or Lena Ph writhing around a pole with her knickers showing, no fireworks strategically placed at the schlager key change for extra camp flare. But wait... Its Denmark's own schlagertastic drag queen 'DQ' with the great schlager track 'Drama Queen', complete with huge feather laden head dress! It could be a nordic schlager show down with DQ in one corner with 'Drama Queen' and Guri 'the legs' Schanke for Norway in the other! The slavic countries should watch, listen and learn. They should put away their mandolins and balaliakas in favour of a dramatic dress change in the schlager modulation. Ding ding, let round one begin!

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