Friday, 20 February 2009

We Are Not Alone - Alexander Bard talks to The Schlager Systems

Ahead of BWO's performance in Leksand, Sweden for this years Melodifestivalen, we find out the gossip from the man himself.

TSS: How are rehearsals going for the performance on Saturday night?

AB: Very well, but it is a very complex number so there are lots of details to work on.

TSS: Can you describe this year's BWO entry 'You Are Not Alone' for Melodifestivalen?

AB: A dramatic melodic modern electronic gospel ballad.

TSS: Does Marina wear a fabulous frock?

AB: We all wear cosmonaut suites on Saturday.

TSS: We loved 'It's My Life' by Amy Diamond, how did that song come about? Did you have Amy in mind while writing?

AB: Yes, when I write for others, I write what they want me to write. When I write for BWO, I write with my heart. Iäm glad Amy likes her song so much.

TSS: Apart from BWO and Amy, what other favourites do you have from this year's MF?

AB: Alcazar. They're back in full form and made a stunning performance with a catchy electro track.

TSS: We absolutely love Alcazar! Apart from winning MF and Eurovision what else have you planned for this year?

AB: The big priority is the release of our brand new album "Big Science" in April. "You're Not Alone" is only a first taster from the new album. A second single is planned for the summer and a third single is planned for the autumn. This time around we will have a Pan-European release (ncluding the UK) from day 1 of the new record.

TSS: Have you heard the Lloyd Webber penned UK eurovision entry yet? Do you like?

AB: I actually and honestly think the UK track is awful. This is one of the worst and most dated songs ever from Lloyd-Webber. But I really like Greece's entry this year which is very now and very sexy.

TSS: The Schlager Systems will be at the final this year again, any tip on where to party after the final?

AB: I will find out for you if BWO make it to the final again this year.

TSS: Do you have a message for you UK fans?

AB: We love you all!!! And we hope you will like the new sound of the "Big Sceince" album in April.

Thank you Mr Bard and lycka till for tomorrow!

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londonboy79 said...

Haha I can't believe AB dissed the UK song when BWO have yet to release anything more than mediocre.