Monday, 9 February 2009

MGP and MF 2009

Well Friday saw another absolute awful instalment from NRK's 'Melodi Grand Prix'. We don't mean to be bitchy but don't you think Per and Maria could have done a couple of weeks of 'Atkins' before appearing on telly? The only decent song this week coming from Alexander Rybak with the fiddle playing in 'Fairytale. We here at the Schlager Systems think it could possibly win for Norway. The only other decent song in the contest is the fantastic 'Find My Girl' by Zuma front man Alexander Stenerud. Compared the last few years Norway's song choices for this year are dire - we know there is much more talent in Norway that what has been put forward for the show.

On Saturday, the whole Schlager world tuned in the the first semi final of Melodifestivalen 2009. Wasn't sure of the Alcazar snippet STV had placed on there website but when we heard Alcazar perform 'Stay the Night' on the night, it blew us away and they deservedly won their place in the live final. Was it just us or does anybody else think that Emilia just couldn't hold a note? Maybe she was too nervous. Marty loved Shirely Clamp, but unfortunately her sore throat ruined the big vocal climax and she missed out altogether! It was so nice for the international jury to decide that Caroline av Ugglas' 'Snälla snälla' was the 'most eurovision sounding song' of the night - YES ONLY IF YOU'R DEAF!!!!!! Anyway here's Andreas, Tess and Lina doing what they do best........

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