Saturday, 31 May 2008

Euro Winners Party! Live from the sound check!

It's bucks fizz! Oh my god! It's Cheryl!

Euro Winners Party! Live from the sound check!

It's Ani Lorak' she's got some lungs on her! She's got the just out of bed look but still looks like a true diva!

Euro Winners Party! Live from the sound check!

That's us in the Scala. Bumped into Nicki French on the way in! She's looking great! Dima has been held up. He has flown from Dublin to Germany for an un scheduled appearance. He is hiring a private jet to make it back to the party! Yeah, Nicki's on!

Euro Winners Party

Well we're in london with miss tempest. We'll soon be off the party! A few vodka's are currently being consumed. We should be off to the sound check at 6.30pm. Photos will be up when we have them.

Friday, 30 May 2008

One More Day Until The Winners Party!

The Schlager Systems will be bringing you our exlusive report from the UK Eurovision Winners Party tomorrow, so watch out for our update this Sunday! With the likes of Ani Lorak and 'The Fizz', it should be schlagertabulous! This is just the first event we will be attending this summer, others include Schlager Leeds, Rainbow Fest and Stockholm Pride... See you at the party!

Monday, 26 May 2008


Shock news from that reliable source 'the Sunday Mirror' that all four original members of Bucks Fizz are to reunite for a one off concert for a TV show called 'PopGoes The 80's', where Bobby, Mike, Cheryl and Jay will have plastic surgery to wind the clock back 27 years. Reporter Lara Gould informs readers that a source "close to the band" say that the band wont let old differences get in the way this time! Apparently Bananarama, Visage and 'soul diva' Chaka Khan will also appear in the series. No word from any of the Bucks Fizz camps at the moment as to the truth of this report but considering both Bucks Fizz and the Original Bucks Fizz have busy touring schedules, it seems highly unlikey if not rediculous!

Mike, Cheryl and Shelly Can be seen on Saturday night at the Scala as the Original Bucks Fizz as part of the Eurovision Winners Party. Bucks Fizz (official) featuring original band member and lead singer Bobby Gee will be appearing in the Schlager Systems home town of East Kilbride on June 28th. The Schlager Systems will be covering both events!

Eurovision Winners Party Here We Come!

Well that's Eurovish over for another year... It never fails to amaze us here at the Schlager Systems how angry we get over the 'block' voting, but never mind. Maybe it will be different next year (oh there goes a flying pig). This Saturday Marty and Kethan jet into London and meet up with Miss Tempest for the UK Eurovision Winners Party, which they are soooo looking forward to. The Schlager Systems are not bitter about the Dima Bilan winning Eurovish but we would rather have had Iceland win or Sweden or Ukraine or Malta or Andorra or.... It will however be great to see the Original Bucks Fizz and Sonia and Nicki French! Tickets for the sho are £12 advance or £15 on the door and you can purchase them from the website

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Eurovish live

Too drunk to comment now! We love greece

Eurovish live

Turkey sound a bit like muse, but not a lot. Shame on turkey for this song alone they should be refused entry to the e u

Eurovish live

Its isis, it's the biggest teeth in pop!

Eurovish live

We love israel!

Eurovish live

Its albania. Its time for a sleep!

Eurovish live

Its andy! Its rubbish!

Eurovish live

Well its romania! We could give vlad a good time, well i say! Song's ok.

Eurovish live

Well its romania! We could give vlad a good time, well i say! Song's ok.

Eurovish Build Up

Well the schlager systems are gearing up for our annual eurovish party. We have our scandinavian flags ready. The barbie is ready to go, we have our party poppers and balloons ready and the champagne is chilling as we type! Come on charlotte you can do it!

Friday, 23 May 2008

How Can Europe Not Like Vodka?

We here at the Schlager Systems were well shocked with Morena not making it to the final last night! It is a euro-travesty! All that bloody boring Eastern Europe shite that got through. Well at least it's a Scandinavia fest in the final, our favourites being Charlotte and Euroband, although we do happen to love Maria Haukaas Storeng too! What the fuck was Finland all about?

Thursday, 15 May 2008

All Roads Leeds to Schlager!

News just in at Schlager Systems headquarters, this summer leeds is the place to be for all your schlager needs! Andrew, Christopher, Lee and DJ Lisa T from have announced at fabulous schlager party on July 12th at Lens Bar and Champagne Lounge, tickets a fiver! More information on their fanatstic website! Hopefully we will be there to cover the event!

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Interview With A Schlager Fan

Ok so everybody is in Belgrade warming up for Euro fever. We're not. We're back here in the UK! We are sure Euro will be fab, but there's only one Sweden and we do find it very difficult getting excited about that eastern block thing! Let us introduce Kevin to you. He is from Paisley and he is a HUGE schlager fan. This is the our first interview with a schlager fan, which we hope will become a regular feature.

Q: Whats Your Name?

Q: Age?

A: 29

Q:Tell the us about yourself
A:…. Erm well i do like talking about myself abit in person but i dont know what to answer here. I have been obsessed by sweden and swedish music since 1991!

Q: Name your top five Schlager artists.

A: This is hard! 5. Lena Ph 4. Shirley Clamp 3. Charlotte Perrelli 2. Sanna Nielsen 1. Carola

Q: Tell us your top 5 schlager anthems AND why they mean so much to you.
A: 5. Alcazar - Alcastar (The hand claps in this are amazing! i liked Alcazar alot, but the whole production of this musically and vocally had me hooked after the first listen its as camp as tits and i love it) 4. Lena Ph - It Hurts (I liked this song as soon as i heard it but i didn't think it was amazing 'til i was in Newcastle a few years back and one of the bars played it and it was so loud and then it hit me what a great song it is), 3. Charlotte Perrelli - Hero (There seems to be a mixed reaction to this but i love it. I think its really powerful schlager. Very anthemic. I told my friend this was goin straight in near the top of my schlager faves list. I get tired of songs very quickly but i think this will be one of a few songs that i still get excited about hearing), 2. Magnus Carlsson - Live Forever (Hmmm This could really be my number one but i've thought hard about it and decided to put it to number two but its very close. Yes the key change is disguised but everything else about it is just so uplifting and camp schlager at its best. The kids singing at the end and the bass change in the last chorus just excite me. A schlager anthem and gay anthem! 1. Carola - Invincible (Another song which had some mixed reactions from schlager fans but i love it more and more everytime i listen to it and i listen to this alot. The BBC used the intrumental for the theme tune to the coverage of the European Athletics which suited it really well as i think this is such an anthem. I never ever get tired of watching the eurovision performance either i prefer the semi final one though...even though she does forget the words abit she pulls it off. Me and my friend are always saying we'll dress up us her, drag a wind machine out of the cupboard and do our own send-up of it but it's not happened....yet!)

Q: Did you follow Melodifestivalen 2008?

A: of course

Q: Who were your favourite acts and why?

A: Sanna, Linda and Charlotte...totally different songs but i loved them all but Charlotte's performance amazed me. L oved the stage the lighting the costume everything. There was some ok songs from Amy Diamond and Ola, but i was dissapointed with most of the other acts.

Q: If you could meet any of the Schlager stars, who would it be and what would you say to them?

A: This is another hard one.......can i just say them all? Lol well i would love to tell Carola how much i love invincible (evighet) and her performance at eurovision but not only would that be quite boring for her i'm sure she'd probably spit on me for being 'A Gay' im only jokin....oh this is so hard....I guess it would ultimatley be Alexander Bard. Army Of Lovers started my obsession with Sweden and Swedish music. Army of Lovers were the ultimate band for me. Like no other, but to be honest i would probably be so amazed at meeting him i wouldnt be able to talk even the thought of meeting any schlager star makes me nervous.

Q: What is your ultimate Schlager fantasy?

A: Well .... all my swedish favourites putting together a huge sparkly shiney UK tour for us fans! Not in a nightclub but in an arena, preferrably in Glasgow lol! They might not fill it but i'd take as many people as i could and make as much noise!! A 2 hour extravaganza, each artist performing 3 or 4 songs, then going backstage meeting them all drooling all over them then inviting them out for a night on the tiles!
Well thanks for that Kevin! Schlager is not just music, it's a way of life!