Monday, 26 May 2008

Eurovision Winners Party Here We Come!

Well that's Eurovish over for another year... It never fails to amaze us here at the Schlager Systems how angry we get over the 'block' voting, but never mind. Maybe it will be different next year (oh there goes a flying pig). This Saturday Marty and Kethan jet into London and meet up with Miss Tempest for the UK Eurovision Winners Party, which they are soooo looking forward to. The Schlager Systems are not bitter about the Dima Bilan winning Eurovish but we would rather have had Iceland win or Sweden or Ukraine or Malta or Andorra or.... It will however be great to see the Original Bucks Fizz and Sonia and Nicki French! Tickets for the sho are £12 advance or £15 on the door and you can purchase them from the website

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