Saturday, 29 March 2008


It's public knowledge that if our Linda didn't enter Melodifestivalen this year then she would be dropped from her record label (the bastards!). So our Linda sing and danced her heart out and generally looked fabulous and got to the final... and lost! Linda appearing in MF08 secured her new album 'Vild & Galen' and the album is indeed a triumph. Linda expressed her 'Rock Chick' side on Ingenting Att Förlora, the new album has a more mature feel of a star coming into her own and blossoming. Stand out tracks include the real winner of MF 08 'Hur Svårt Kan Det Va'?', 'Utan Dig' which is the second track and kicks a bit of ass. 'Inga Poikar I Värdlen' is quite different than the version recently featured on Swedish TV, much more dynamic. 'Grannarna Vaknar' shows a much more subtle/light vocal than we are used to and it is a great contrast, 'Det Första Guldet' lulls you into a fall sense of melodic security, then when the chorus comes really rocks it up. 'Varför gör du som du gör' is a Nanne-esque track that could have been another melodifestivalen triumph. You would be much more than wild and crazy to bypass this album because it simply doesn't disappoint!

Monday, 17 March 2008

The Schlager Systems at Melodifestivalen 2008: the Road to Globen

Well that's us back from the Schlager event of the year and we had a great time! SVT certainly know how to put on a show! The atmosphere was electric in Globen for the final of this years Melodifestivalen. The only disappointing thing for us is how totally predictable the results are every year. While in Stockholm we managed to catch up with Sanna Nielsen (thank you Lotta), she was very nice to us and we managed a little photot oppertunity. Sanna was appearing with Amy Diamond at Globen shopping centre signing their new CD's. Sanna's manager Lotta told us her new CD will be out in April and will be called 'Stronger' and that she feels that the title reflects Sanna's strenthened personalitly, which is a view also shared by Anna Book, as she told us on Friday afternoon. Anna was at the Friday and Saturday evening shows and was there in her capacity as TV presenter for a talk show on the Telia TV channel where she gets to interview her schlager friends. Thanks to Torbjörn Ek from Aftonbladets's Schlagerblog for taking the photo for us together with Sanna. We chatted schlager with Torbjörn for a while while Sanna was signing copies of 'Empty Room' and he featured a little story and picture of us with Sanna on his blogsite
We hung around the shopping centre for a little longer as we were keen to see this years, at the time winner in waiting, Charlotte Perrelli. Charlotte was very nice, we thanked her for the interview she gave us last year and she gave us a big kiss in return!

Charlotte and Marty

Charlotte and Kethan

Marty receiving his Degree in Schlager from Professor Perrelli!

We headed back to Globen for the Saturday Genrep of MF08 but stopped off on way to catch Alcazar's live appearance outside McDonald's. The group sang Not a Sinner, Not a Saint, Alcastar and their new single We Keep on Rockin'! They sounded great! Kethan shot some footage.

Later that night we headed back out for the final and below is a few pic of us from Globen!

Kethan and Marty at the final in Globen in Kilts
Penny and Shona in Globen
The Schlager Systems

Below is our first feature film caputring the excitement of Stockholm and Melodifestivalen. Filmed entirely on location and no expense was spared in the making of this film so sit back, relax and have a laugh at our 'Road to Globen'.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Sweden's online 'news paper' aftonbladet has premiered the new Linda Bengtzing video for 'Hur Svart Kan Det Va'?' We see Linda romping around an exotic destination with a dishy cameraman. As expected Linda look completely fabulous! See you Saturday Linda!

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Gearing Up for Schlagerland!

The Schlager/Vodka Systems are packing our outfits for the schlager event of the year. Our in-house theme for this years Melodifestivalen is 'Slutdust and Sparkles', it's all 'Glitter och Glamour'. This year is all about the 'B', and by 'B' we mean Bengtzing and BWO. Both Bengtzing and BWO are full of life and energy whereas a certain 'C' is about as exciting as, in the words of Kethan, "a dead fish", and no amount of tottering about on high heels and the occasional fingerpoint will match the legendary Take Me to Your Heaven! Well schlager fans... see you at Globen!!!!!!!!!!!

Martin, Kethan, Shona and Penny

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Andra Chansen Hell!!!!!!

WHAT IS UP WITH SWEDEN? Carola and Andreas are out of melodifestivalen 2008! Every song we liked got kicked out. Now we have to suffer Nordman in the final next Saturday... f**k we'd rather endure Suzzie Tapper's dirge-fest than watch that girl in the white frock in flames again. Oh well on the positive side we now know that there are a definite couple of toilet breaks next week at Globen. Sibel, nice girl, good voice but not schlager by anyones standard, the only way she can redeem herself now is to provide us with a bloody good disco mix we can dance to in Stockholm! The Schlager Systems certainly hope that Sibel doesn't drag that f*****g pink rag about Globen as she did in Karlskrona and Kiruna, maybe Carola can point her in the direction of a good second hand store for her final outfit.

Sunday, 2 March 2008


We just loved the fourth semi finale of MF 08 last night. Marty was screaming with excitement at Linda Bengtzing's Hur Svårt Kan de Va? What a stunning and energetic performance - with flashes of tartan on Linda and the dancers, come on Linda, we love you! Just wait until you see the Schlager Systems at the final - kilts here we come! Charlotte's song was a little disappointing live, we were expecting explosions and glitter at the key change to mark the last key change in the contest, but sadly no! If Carola and Andreas don't get through next week in the andra chansen then Marty as said that he will never forgive Sweden for such a schlager travestly!