Saturday, 29 March 2008


It's public knowledge that if our Linda didn't enter Melodifestivalen this year then she would be dropped from her record label (the bastards!). So our Linda sing and danced her heart out and generally looked fabulous and got to the final... and lost! Linda appearing in MF08 secured her new album 'Vild & Galen' and the album is indeed a triumph. Linda expressed her 'Rock Chick' side on Ingenting Att Förlora, the new album has a more mature feel of a star coming into her own and blossoming. Stand out tracks include the real winner of MF 08 'Hur Svårt Kan Det Va'?', 'Utan Dig' which is the second track and kicks a bit of ass. 'Inga Poikar I Värdlen' is quite different than the version recently featured on Swedish TV, much more dynamic. 'Grannarna Vaknar' shows a much more subtle/light vocal than we are used to and it is a great contrast, 'Det Första Guldet' lulls you into a fall sense of melodic security, then when the chorus comes really rocks it up. 'Varför gör du som du gör' is a Nanne-esque track that could have been another melodifestivalen triumph. You would be much more than wild and crazy to bypass this album because it simply doesn't disappoint!

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