Saturday, 8 March 2008

Andra Chansen Hell!!!!!!

WHAT IS UP WITH SWEDEN? Carola and Andreas are out of melodifestivalen 2008! Every song we liked got kicked out. Now we have to suffer Nordman in the final next Saturday... f**k we'd rather endure Suzzie Tapper's dirge-fest than watch that girl in the white frock in flames again. Oh well on the positive side we now know that there are a definite couple of toilet breaks next week at Globen. Sibel, nice girl, good voice but not schlager by anyones standard, the only way she can redeem herself now is to provide us with a bloody good disco mix we can dance to in Stockholm! The Schlager Systems certainly hope that Sibel doesn't drag that f*****g pink rag about Globen as she did in Karlskrona and Kiruna, maybe Carola can point her in the direction of a good second hand store for her final outfit.

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