Saturday, 28 June 2008

Bobby G's Bucks Fizz Live at Artburst EK

Bobby G

Well Bobby G's Bucks Fizz were playing our home town of East Kilbride at the annual Artburst Festival so we just had to go along! They opened the show with 'New Beginning', which was just one of only five Bucks Fizz songs sang in their one hour set, the others being 'My Camera Never Lies', 'Run For Your Life', 'The Land of Make Believe' and the inevitable 'Makin' Your Mind Up'. The rest of the show was made up of an Abba medley, a Motown medley, Starship's 'We Built The City' and some Meatloaf songs. The set list was a bit strange considering the band released in excess of 18 singles, most of which were huge hits. When Bucks Fizz entered the stage could here people in the crowd ask each other 'where's Cheryl?', obviously unaware that the line up now only consists of one original member, Bobby G. The band's performance however was very polished and professional although the performance was more cabaret than what you would expect from multi-million album selling eurovision winners. This Bucks Fizz have only one quarter of the original line up and appear to have only one quarter of the credibility. 'The Original Bucks Fizz' have Cheryl Baker, who really is the star of the band and they deliver nothing but a pure Bucks Fizz performance. Bobby G's Bucks Fizz, which is the official Bucks Fizz, seem almost a parody of themselves, which is a shame.

Tammy Choat

Bobby with new boy Paul Fordham

Bobby's wife Heidi Manton

Bucks Fizz singing Makin' Your Mind Up

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