Saturday, 26 April 2008

The Eurovision Preview - Miss Tempest goes to the Scala!

Miss Tempest ( had two cameras at the ready for the Eurovision Preview party last night at the Scala in London. Some say that her cameras are surgically attached to her fingers - who knows! Anyway here are some of the fab pictures she has taken for the Schlager Systems. No copying without permission or she will hunt you down and have you shot at dawn!

The mighty Bucks Fizz
Nice jumper Mike!
That Fucking Turkey


Isis Gee

Ani Lorak

Morena singing one of our faves 'Vodka'

Maria Haukaas Storeng in a fetching orange frock!

Ruslan Alehno

Vlad and Nico

All stand for Her Royal Highness Princess Nanne of Grönvall - Nanne sang Avundsjuk, Men and Håll och Mig.

Andy who?

Euroband camping it up Icelandic style!

The biggest teeth in Eurovision award goes to.... Isis Gee
Ani Lorak gets all 'Shady'
Paul Oscar from Iceland - How exciting!

Scala Schlagertastic Sensation!

What can one say to a fabulous night of music & entertainment the crowds were like a volcano of bubbles that kept on erupting.

Barry Viniker and his team, should be commended on such a brilliant nights entertainment taking into consideration the evening was planned organised and excuted in 4 weeks and if you were there you would have thought it had been arranged months ago as the night went very smoothly.

Final thought if you missed this fantastic night then you know what to do book NOW for May 31st at the Scala, see you there. Miss Tempest

(Captions edited by Marty Musika)

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The Turkey... has good options to win!