Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Our Picks For MGP 2008!

One thing is for sure, guitars are the order of the day for this years MGP 08! Be it boy or girl, every heat has its guitar driven songs. The Schlager Systems are not to keen on many of the songs from Stravanger but if we have to pick a song it's Michelle with 'Baby Don't Stop The Music', it's a little like a Sophie Ellis-Bextor track, nice pop but not a eurovision winner. Kethan likes Tinkerbells with the song 'Hold On' - Norwegian Dixie Chicks kind of thing.

However Kongsvinger is a different matter! A lot of the tracks are very good which is a shame because they can't all make it to the final. Zuma - 'Always Always' - yeah we love this one! This is cheesy pop at its best! We also like CRASH! - 'Get Up', you can feel the energy CRASH! invest in their song. Sven Garås's ballad 'I'm in love with you' is pretty good and he is pretty easy on the eye too! Maria Haukaas Storeng's 'Hold on Be Strong' is very Amy Winehouse-esque song but Maria with a very distinctive voice and brings something new to the euro table, we like!

Bodø - Maria Trøen has a powerful guitar driven track called 'Hear Me When I'm Calling', she has a great voice and if her performance is as good as the studio she is going to blow a lot of people away! And that's it for Bodø, several of the songs are instantly forgettable but there is one song which is so bad it worth a montion too. Ole Ivars drop a total clanger with 'Some I Himmelen' which is awful. NRK what are you doing? The only other notable track from Bodø is Torstein Sødal's 'Eastern Wind', which could have come directly from Boznia-Hertzegovena and feels like a 'clever' ploy to woo the eastern block countries. Having said that, it is easy on the ears.

The Schlager Systems can delcare that the song they are backing from MGP 2008 is....

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