Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Schlager Low Down From This Years Europride!

Not long now until The Schlager Systems stoat into pride park for this year Europride in Stockholm. We are really looking forward to Schlagerkväll on the Thursday night... should be fantastic! Friday in the park looks rubbish so we will be heading to Blue Moon Bar ( to see Schlagerfeber. Schlagerfeber, picutred above are a vocal group consisting of Melodifestivalen backing singers who sing a range of schlager/euro classics and medlies, ( The band are appearing on Friday 1st August with special guest Christer Björkman of Melodifestivalen fame!

Our Schlager pics are (in no particular order)

Right Said Fred 3/8/08 20.00-20.45. RSF should bring a little gay fun to pride with hits like 'I'm Too Sexy'.

Wizex 31/7/08 19.00-20.30. With a career spanning 35 years and previously singers Kikki Danielsson and Charlotte Nilsson. We will hopefully get treated to 'Take Me To Your Heaven'.

Schlager Night 31/7/08 17.00-19.00 then 20.30-22.30. We are promised 25 acts from the history of Euro/MF including at leaset 2 Eurovision winners!

ETO 2/8/08 18.00. ETO is an electronic musician from Essen, Germany, pop sensibilty 80's style with modern gay themes. Go listen to him now

Alcazar 2/8/08 22.00.-22.30 With a new album on its was Alcazar will definitely play their most recent hits 'We Keep on Rockin' and 'Inhibitions', the crowd wont be pleased until they hear 'Alcastar' and 'Sinner Not A Saint'.

BWO 2/8/08 22.30-23.30 need no introduction at all, with be playing this years Europride anthem 'The Bells of Freedom'.

Diamond Dogs 2/8/08 21.00 - The fabulous Swedish drag act - the Bitch is Back!

Pay TV 2/8/08 18.00 with hits like 'Refrain Refrain' and 'Trendy Discoteque', the girls should get the gay boys and girls dancing.

Nicki French 30/7/08 - with hits like 'Don't Play That Song Again' and 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'. Pitty she's not playing Friday night to liven things up a bit!

Arrival (ABBA tribute) 30/7/08 21.45-23.00 Again should be playing Friday, but aren't!

Discoboys 1/8/08 22.30 - 23.30 - relive the studio 54 experience.

Linda Sundblad 30/7/08 20.45-21.00 Lighten up a bit love, don't take yourself too seriously. Reprising her appearance from last year with hits 'Oh Father' and 'Lose You'.

Lil Babs 31/7/08 16.00-16.30 schlager star with a career spanning 4 decades!

Svenne and Lotta feat Hep Stars 3/8/08 19.00-1945. Benny Andersson's old band should be worth a listen!

See you in Sweden!!!
Love Martin and Kethan

Monday, 7 July 2008

BWO and Alcazar at G-A-Y

Marina Schiptjenko
Alexander Bard
Martin Rolinski
Alcazar (Mark 3)

Venue G.A.Y Astoria London
Date 5th July 2008
Time 01.30am
Crowd Capacity 2000

The atmosphere was phenomenal at the BWO and Alcazar night to celebrate London Pride 2008! Just before the the first act had come on, Jeremy Joseph, the promoter announced that this was the last G.A.Y pride party as of July 26th 2008, G-A-Y will be closing its doors (but it may return), in the meantime concerts will still be held at the venue whilst the decision will be made as to whether to raise the building to the ground. The threat of demolition has been looming for 10 years & it's still standing!

First Act was BWO the audience erupted their set included; the bells of Freedom, Lay your love on me & Chariots of Fire & towards the end of the set Martin Rolinski poured a whole bottle of water over himself and the audience went comletely wild. Second act was Alcazar again the audience went absolutely bonkers, their set included; This is the world we live in & Funky Town to name a couple. Both acts received a thunderous applause what a last Pride Party @ G.A.Y an the end of an era for such a well known venue.

Words and Pictures by Miss Tempest
Edited by Martin Hannah (Editor)