Friday 20 February 2009

We Are Not Alone - Alexander Bard talks to The Schlager Systems

Ahead of BWO's performance in Leksand, Sweden for this years Melodifestivalen, we find out the gossip from the man himself.

TSS: How are rehearsals going for the performance on Saturday night?

AB: Very well, but it is a very complex number so there are lots of details to work on.

TSS: Can you describe this year's BWO entry 'You Are Not Alone' for Melodifestivalen?

AB: A dramatic melodic modern electronic gospel ballad.

TSS: Does Marina wear a fabulous frock?

AB: We all wear cosmonaut suites on Saturday.

TSS: We loved 'It's My Life' by Amy Diamond, how did that song come about? Did you have Amy in mind while writing?

AB: Yes, when I write for others, I write what they want me to write. When I write for BWO, I write with my heart. Iäm glad Amy likes her song so much.

TSS: Apart from BWO and Amy, what other favourites do you have from this year's MF?

AB: Alcazar. They're back in full form and made a stunning performance with a catchy electro track.

TSS: We absolutely love Alcazar! Apart from winning MF and Eurovision what else have you planned for this year?

AB: The big priority is the release of our brand new album "Big Science" in April. "You're Not Alone" is only a first taster from the new album. A second single is planned for the summer and a third single is planned for the autumn. This time around we will have a Pan-European release (ncluding the UK) from day 1 of the new record.

TSS: Have you heard the Lloyd Webber penned UK eurovision entry yet? Do you like?

AB: I actually and honestly think the UK track is awful. This is one of the worst and most dated songs ever from Lloyd-Webber. But I really like Greece's entry this year which is very now and very sexy.

TSS: The Schlager Systems will be at the final this year again, any tip on where to party after the final?

AB: I will find out for you if BWO make it to the final again this year.

TSS: Do you have a message for you UK fans?

AB: We love you all!!! And we hope you will like the new sound of the "Big Sceince" album in April.

Thank you Mr Bard and lycka till for tomorrow!

Monday 9 February 2009

MGP and MF 2009

Well Friday saw another absolute awful instalment from NRK's 'Melodi Grand Prix'. We don't mean to be bitchy but don't you think Per and Maria could have done a couple of weeks of 'Atkins' before appearing on telly? The only decent song this week coming from Alexander Rybak with the fiddle playing in 'Fairytale. We here at the Schlager Systems think it could possibly win for Norway. The only other decent song in the contest is the fantastic 'Find My Girl' by Zuma front man Alexander Stenerud. Compared the last few years Norway's song choices for this year are dire - we know there is much more talent in Norway that what has been put forward for the show.

On Saturday, the whole Schlager world tuned in the the first semi final of Melodifestivalen 2009. Wasn't sure of the Alcazar snippet STV had placed on there website but when we heard Alcazar perform 'Stay the Night' on the night, it blew us away and they deservedly won their place in the live final. Was it just us or does anybody else think that Emilia just couldn't hold a note? Maybe she was too nervous. Marty loved Shirely Clamp, but unfortunately her sore throat ruined the big vocal climax and she missed out altogether! It was so nice for the international jury to decide that Caroline av Ugglas' 'Snälla snälla' was the 'most eurovision sounding song' of the night - YES ONLY IF YOU'R DEAF!!!!!! Anyway here's Andreas, Tess and Lina doing what they do best........

Tuesday 16 December 2008

Stay Tuned Lots of Schlager Interviews Coming Your Way!

Well as MF 09 season starts to get into full flow, we here at the Schlager Systems will be bringing you as many interviews as possible. So keep checking back!

Love Marty

Friday 17 October 2008

It's Agnes Carlsson

The Schlager Systems are back after a lengthy absence due to several personal disasters and difficult circumstances. We are bigger and better with a lot more glitter! Anyway, we quite like Agnes Carlsson, winner of Idol Sweden 2006. This is her new song 'On and On' which is a little bit 'Ace of Base' - which means it's a slice of pure svenska europop - nothing wrong with that! She is a little ray of sunshine through the shite we have to endure through this miserable forthcoming winter.

Sunday 12 October 2008

Our Own Marty Releases Debut Album!

Nothing like a bit of self promotion but Marty from the Schlager Systems has released his first solo album, entitled 'Dark Heart'.... it's not schlager but it is rather good... available from itunes (worldwide), (worldwide), (USA/Canada only), (Sweden), åhlens city (Sweden) to name but a few. Go buy it and show support lol!

Monday 4 August 2008

Let It Rain! The Schlager Systems at Europride 2008

Well that's us home from Europride in Stockholm! We had a thoroughly fab. We missed the first half of schlagerkväll due to Marty losing his mobile phone and all his contacts! However we did get to pride park for part two. Here are some pics:-

We really enjoyed Linda Bengtzing, Sanna Nielsen (although, what was she wearing?) and really loved Lena Philipsson - who was the highlight of Thursday... we were too busy screaming to take pictures by this time lol.

Friday in the park wasn't really up to much so we headed off to the Blue Moon Bar, just off Stureplan to see Schlagerfeber featuring none other than Mr Melodifestivalen himself, Christer Björkman. Despite being told rudely by some knob that this was a TOTALLY straight venue, we had a great time dancing to all of our fave schlager hits in the TOTALLY straight schlagerbar.

It had been glorious sunshire on Thursday and Friday but the day of the march was rainy, light at first while on the march but really heavy later on in the park. After the march Marty was really looking forward to seeing German electronic musician Eto, who played a great set including the infectious 'Bi-curious'. He's is pretty hot too!

And the rain kept pouring and pouring. We got some pictures of Pay TV, Elin Lanto etc but when the time came for Alcazar and BWO, we were so drenched that the will to live was slowly leaving our bodies. Penny is pictured below in her rain poncho courtesy of Swedbank.

We were a little disappointed in the organisers of the event. This was europride and everything was in Swedish. All the signs were in Swedish, all the talks and seminars were in Swedish. It catered only for the Swedish which was a shame because a lot of people from all over Europe had travelled all the was to Stockholm for the event. However the crowd were really friendly and helpful. Stockholm pride - could do better!